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The Dawson’s Creek Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Gemini is a mutable air sign, symbolized by the Twins and known for being indecisive, charming, and intelligent. Joey “I can’t make my mind up” Potter (played by Katie Holmes) is charming, witty, beautiful, and dualistic; sometimes sunny and innocent, other times thoughtful and introspective. Joey uses humor as a defense mechanism, a Gemini trait, making racy jokes or statements to divert attention away from her insecurities. As an air sign, Geminis are curious, needing intellectual stimulation to avoid boredom. Geminis see the world in shades of gray, something Joey says when she confronts Dawson about turning her father in to the police.

In Joey’s brief relationship with Jack, we see how two signs next to each other on the zodiac can attract despite their differences. Growing up without parents, Joey is drawn to Jack’s stable Taurean presence. Gemini can benefit from the structure a Bull can bring to their life. It’s unlikely this relationship would last because of their astrological incompatibilities: Taurus is fixed in modality, Gemini is mutable. Taurus is earth, Gemini is air. The two signs couldn’t be more different.

The Joey/Dawson/Pacey triangle is the fulcrum for the drama in “Dawson’s Creek.” Their larger friend group rearranges itself around who is dating whom within this love triangle. Joey’s love for Dawson is “childlike and eternally innocent,” as Joey tells Pacey in the last episode of the series. This statement emphasizes the childlike quality innate to Geminis, but also the basic incompatibility between Joey’s Gemini sun and Dawson’s sign. In Joey’s connection with Pacey, we see one of the most compatible sign combinations for a Gemini.

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