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Which Life Is Strange Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?


There’s no video game series more steeped in the realism of its characters’ personalities than Life Is Strange. The franchise places the most attention on creating protagonists and antagonists who are relatable to a degree, with even empowered characters’ abilities tied to their emotions.

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Whether it’s someone shy like Max Caulfield, confident like Steph Gingrich, or somewhere in between like Daniel Diaz, there are plenty of multilayered characters to analyze in the Life Is Strange games. The best way to do so is by making use of traits and mannerisms associated with zodiac signs, as they indicate why a person behaves in the way they’re known for. All things considered, Life Is Strange characters can be placed in every zodiac based on their attributes.


Aries: Steph Gingrich

Steph, while in the board room, grins over her shoulder as Alex comes in

People born under the Aries sign are fierce individuals who stand by what they believe in to go with their feisty mindset. They have a love for adventure and creativity, which enables them to become independent, yet influence others as well.

Steph is such a character, possessing a creative streak that brought on the interest of those around her. She’s a geek by heart but is so bold in attitude that she can be see seen as a spunky person. Considering among the best Life Is Strange characters, she returned as a love interest for Alex in True Colors, where the latter was attracted to Steph’s self-confidence.

Taurus: Sean Diaz

Sean leans his arm over Daniel's shoulder in Life is Strange 2.

Taurus people are generally caring, nurturing, and try their best to cultivate relationships. Sean ticks these boxes from how he started out in Life Is Strange 2, being a loving brother who put Daniel’s safety his top priority and making many friendships during the brothers’ adventures around the country.

His role made Life Is Strange feel like a movie, with so much emotional depth. Sean’s darker side came out when he felt he wasn’t getting justice out of life, such as meeting the mother who abandoned him and his brother. Those under the Taurus sign are highly emotional where familial loyalty lies, which is how Sean behaved for the most part.

Gemini: Daniel Diaz

Life Is Strange 2 Sean and Daniel campfire

Daniel’s personality might just be the best representation of Geminis’ overall mentality. People from this sign can come across as a completely different person from who they seemed just a little while ago. They are usually impulsive, indecisive, loving, and a bit too open with showing their emotions.

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Daniel’s powers manifested when he couldn’t make sense of things and times where he was feeling erratic were when an explosive event would occur. It was when Daniel was able to control his thoughts better that he got around to his abilities, which Geminis can relate to.

Cancer: Chloe Price

Life is strange remastered collection Chloe

People under Cancer zodiacs are perhaps the most frustrating toward having their way, but they also try their best to include those they deem to be close to them. Similarly, Chloe tried to pretend she didn’t need Max or Amber, only to realize later that she had feelings for them.

Leo: Ryan Lucan

Ryan smiles excitedly as he finally meets Alex, Gabe's little sister

Ryan was Gabe Chen’s best friend, who could be one of Alex’s love interests if players chose to go that way. Ryan played straight to Leo traits of compassion, big-heartedness, and loyalty. He brought a worthy balance to Alex’s fierceness as the sanguine contrast in the story.

Leos generally have a close-knit group of friends that they don’t like to move away from, which is how Ryan operated. He was largely introverted but welcoming, staying by Alex’s side and supporting whatever decision she made, even if she didn’t return his feelings.

Virgo: Max Caulfield

Max Caulfield holds up her hand in Life Is Strange.

Virgos are generally kind people who can even be humble to a fault, as people can take advantage of their goodhearted personalities. Their modesty can turn into a lack of confidence, and Max certainly suffered somewhat from this during her story mode.

Max was a creative but self-conscious person, being very touchy about her photography skills, yet carrying lots of expectations for them. She was so polite that Max would even sympathize with people who were mean to her, which is a quality that Virgos can attest to.

Libra: Gabe Chen

Gabe happily jokes around with his long-lost sister while showing off his apartment

Gabe could very well be the most likable character from Life Is Strange, having been presented exclusively as a great brother who was taken before his time. He was much like the average Libra, in that he was a happy person that loved to make friends and be around others.

Libra personalities have the least trouble forging friendships, as people usually appreciate their fun attributes that accommodate just about everyone. Gabe had no haters in the world, with Alex feeling that her brother was the one person who truly understood her.

Scorpio: Alex Chen

Life is Strange True Colors Alex Chen.png

Scorpios like to make others believe that they don’t need anyone but are usually people that crave intimacy. They love to be loved and are very giving to those who they feel get their personalities. However, Scorpios can also be demanding and hurtful to protect their feelings.

All the attributes sound like Alex, who preferred to keep people at a distance because she didn’t want to leave any chance to get hurt. She was distraught at the loss of Gabe, to the point where she felt broken. Alex usually puts the needs of others before her to avoid confronting her emotions, as Scorpios have been known to do.

Sagittarius: Chris Eriksen

Chris Eriksen in superhero costume in Life Is Strange

People of this zodiac have a one-of-kind personality, in that it’s difficult to find others who behave like them. They are generally intellectual and empathetic but act in a certain way that can be hidden. Chris was a wonderfully imaginative boy whose uniqueness is still unmatched by Life Is Strange protagonists.

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It was by seeing the world through Chris’ point of view that players could see how he operated, with the perception that he was introverted proving to be just half of the story. Chris’ friendship with Daniel also proved the level of empathy he possessed.

Capricorn: Frank Bowers

Frank Bowers gets held at gunpoint in Life Is Strange

While Sagittarius personalities obviously aren’t sketchy as Frank was, the latter does have traits related to the zodiac. Sagittarius’ and Frank don’t mind gritty conditions to live in and prefer to be the ones to operate under their own rules.

They are also practical people who don’t waste time with keeping faith when it’s clear there’s no need to. Frank had a good heart inside the rough exterior that most saw, having shown his tender nature toward Rachel Amber and becoming a hardened individual after her disappearance.

Aquarius: David Madsen

David Madsen looks down in sadness in Life Is Strange

The David who showed up in Life Is Strange 2 is the one who resembles someone from the Aquarius zodiac. Having suffered through paranoia and a dangerous mean streak, David eventually became optimistic and caring, which are attributes of Aquarius.

People of this zodiac who happen to be parents are very caring toward their children and tend to support them. David was shown on a call with Max during Life Is Strange 2, where it was clear they now shared a loving relationship.

Pisces: Rachel Amber

Rachel crosses her arms while talking with Chloe

Pisces personalities are natural draws, meaning people steer toward them because of their graciousness and emotionally aware attitude. However, they can also be quick to anger, leading to these people saying things they don’t mean in the heat of the moment.

Rachel Amber was a popular girl who generally had a caring side, yet she tended to take out her frustrations on Chloe, and was volatile at times. She played into the Pisces habit of caring too much at times but also throwing the same sentiment back at others when they’re angry or upset.

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