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Rising Signs: A Guide To How This Lesser-Known Horoscope


At the heart of it all Leo is all heart – loyal, loving and ready to roar for anyone they care about.

Virgo rising

Health conscious and hard-working Virgo might not make a dramatic first impression but they do make a lasting one. Virgo rising can come across as shy and reserved but they’re actually just discerning (and probably overthinking things). 

People are often drawn to Virgo ascendants because they seem so together and organised. They’re definitely great at problem-solving and inspiring others. Want to get your health kick off the ground? Bag a Virgo rising friend as your gym buddy. 

It’s not all hard graft, though. There’s a magical earth mother side to Virgo ascendants that brings all the good vibes to the table. They’re happiest in nature, in active wear and hanging out with friends who’ve got their back.

Libra rising

Everyone wants to be BFFs with Libra rising because they make it so damned easy. Harmony is key for this style-conscious sign and they’ll do anything to avoid stress and conflict. They can also be infuriatingly indecisive about life, love and err, everything. 

Libra ascendants can’t bear the idea of offending anyone, so much so that they sometimes accidentally do just that by double-booking, party-hopping, or trying to be in two places at once. 

Their innate charm tends to win out in the end, though. Artistic, social and great at making the world feel like a beautiful place, Libra rising is always fun to be around.

Scorpio rising

Deep thinking, intuitive and seductive, Scorpio rising has the kind of innate sex appeal that draws admirers like a magnet. That doesn’t mean they’ll let anyone into their world though! You have to work hard to break through the Scorpio surface but what you’ll find there is friendship, loyalty and someone who would take a secret to the grave for you. 

Scorpio risings will stop wearing black when they invent a darker colour and their look is best described as smouldering. This ascendant comes across as sophisticated, reserved, private and powerful. 

They’re naturally intense, which some people can find intimidating, but make the effort to understand them and you’ll have an ally for life.

Sagittarius rising

If they just simultaneously showed you the time of your life and deeply offended you with their brutal honesty, you probably just met Sagittarius rising. This ascendant is all about big ideas, big adventures and the bigger picture in life. They don’t do polite small talk! 

They’re also naturally optimistic, obsessed with travel and have the kind of eccentric fashion flair that mixes styles, textures, prints and colours to effortless perfection. Fun to be around and even more fun to run away with, hanging out with Sag rising is always an education. 

They want it all and they want it now, and they really can’t wait a single second for anyone lagging behind to catch up.

Capricorn rising

Busy building their empire while you were out partying, Capricorn rising has got it going on when it comes to success, status and big job titles. They can come across as straight-laced and serious but scratch beneath the surface and there’s much more to this ascendant than that. 

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