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How All Might’s Zodiac Sign Defines the Symbol of Peace


All Might’s birthday is June 10th, making him this My Hero Academia character a creative and inspirational Gemini.

The story of My Hero Academia takes place in a wild future where superpowered Quirks are the norm, and every pro hero has their own Quirk so they can serve the public. However, it takes more than a good Quirk to become the symbol of peace. The invincible All Might has a personality to match his dazzling costume and incredible One For All Quirk.

All Might is a noble hero at heart, and his MBTI personality type, ENFJ-A, proves it. Meanwhile, his astrological sign can also provide insight into how All Might thinks and acts, and indeed, his zodiac seems to rule over every aspect of his life. He was born on June 10th, making him a Gemini.

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All Might, A Creative & Inspiring Gemini

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All Might’s astrological sign, Gemini, is an air sign, and air signs are known for their flexible and creative ways, like whimsical air currents flowing through the world around them. In particular, the Gemini sign is represented by two people, which may be symbolic of a Gemini’s spirit of sympathy to others and cooperation, according to astrological lore. Other interpretations say that a Gemini is so busy, they need two bodies to get all their projects done, meaning Gemini can easily represent people who have a lot of ongoing activities and interests on their plate.

As an air sign, Gemini represents someone who has witty and insightful thoughts and the desire to inspire and dazzle others, uniting people under their idealistic banner. All Might is certainly like that, and his Protagonist MBTI type says much the same. He’s not just a busy superhero — he’s an inspiring and empowering symbol who can lift people’s spirits and create an idealistic bulwark against crime and villainy. All Might can defeat villainy not just in the streets, but in philosophy too; his public image fights evil as much as his actual body does — a true Gemini trait.

All Might’s astrological sign and his particular birthday suggest that he is a highly sociable and empathetic person who thrives on adventures, exploration and meeting new people, and he desires to express himself freely. This is what makes Geminis like All Might so creative and likable, and they can easily form many connections and cultivate a strong, memorable public image. Geminis are not content to work quietly on their own — they need interpersonal connections and adventure, almost with the zeal and passion of a fire sign. All Might’s sign also suggests negative traits such as limited loyalty to friends or being easily distracted, but fortunately, it seems that All Might does not embody these particular Gemini traits.

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All Might As A Gemini In My Hero Academia

Sir Nighteye And All Might In My Hero Academia

All Might once had a sidekick, the studious Sir Nighteye, and that partnership is symbolic of the Gemini sign. After all, Gemini is represented by two people, and if two people work together, a Gemini can get a lot more done. Sure enough, All Might was highly productive as a pro hero during the good old days with Sir Nighteye, forming a tightly-knit team. It was a tragic day when All Might suffered serious injuries at the hands of All For One and then alienated Sir Nighteye with his stubborn determination to keep fighting.

All Might also served as a Gemini in the public eye, shielding civilization from villainy with his flamboyant and upbeat personality as well as his actions. He was famed for stating “I am here!” upon arriving at a crime scene, and All Might made sure that society was inundated with merchandising and advertising pertaining to him. It was just part of the job, but as a true Gemini, it’s likely that All Might genuinely enjoyed being such a public figure and inspiring so many people.

Izuku isn’t his only admirer — this flashy Gemini also inspired a young Cathleen Bate to emulate him and become the #1 American hero Star and Stripe, and Katsuki Bakugo also longs to surpass All Might and impress him. All Might also embodied the “busy” aspect of a Gemini, tirelessly racing across Japan from one crime scene or battle to another. It seemed he could practically be everywhere at once.

Once All Might passed on One For All to Izuku, he had to maintain the facade of invincible strength and hide his weakness from his many enemies. All Might had come this far as a flamboyant and likable Gemini, after all, and he had to keep it up until Izuku was ready to surpass him someday. After a point, All Might became a background character, and his dazzling public persona began to fade away as his Gemini spark went out. Now, in recent My Hero Academia chapters, he is a shadow of his Gemini self, desperately doing whatever he can to support Izuku in the final fight against Tomura Shigaraki.

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