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3 Zodiac Signs Who End Toxic Relationships Starting December 6, 2021


What this transit, Mars sextile Pluto, brings for certain signs of the Zodiac, is strength of character. This means that we stand by what we believe in and we act, without reserve, because we have complete faith in where we’re going.

Mars energy works very well here, and Pluto, though a bringer of very dark energy, gives us a broad enough vision to see all sides of the coin. So, if we are about to make up our minds on some grand move we wish to make, in love, our decisions will be made wisely.

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Now, here’s where sextile Pluto comes in. We speak of dark energy, and in this case, that energy is about removing ourselves from a toxic environment. We have come to accept that this is not for us; it’s a bad scene and it can only drain us of everything good inside, unless we make a move to detach ourselves from it.

On December 5, Mars sextile Pluto will be in our sky, and it will influence our decisions on whether to stay in a toxic relationship, or whether to go. For many who know this feeling of being trapped and scared, the tides are about to change. Freedom calls.

Zodiac Signs Who End Toxic Relationships During Mars sextile Pluto Starting December 6, 2021:


(March 21 – April 19)

Mars sextile Pluto has the power to make you feel two things: scared and ready. You don’t like what’s happened within the confines of your love relationship. In fact, it’s gotten so out of hand that it’s become a way of life. Now, what’s expected of you is to stick around for all the toxicity you can handle.

Your partner has no intention of changing, and that leaves you. As an Aries, you can only live with fear for so long because you transmute that energy into action, and this is exactly what’s about to happen when you decide that your romantic life is way too toxic to be considered loving; it’s no longer loving, it’s now expectation and stress, and very little else. If your partner is content to watch it all fall apart, then you will let them, from a distance.

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