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Which Star Wars Alien You’d Be, Based On Zodiac Sign


The Star Wars universe is jam-packed with a plethora of interesting and unique alien species. Many of them have very distinct personalities that are easily identifiable and reflect the human traits that identify zodiac signs.

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The galaxy far far away has given viewers some of the most interesting aliens and creatures in history, and every fan has their favorites. Though they can often be very strange and unique, a lot of the species in the Star Wars universe are reflective of the common personality types as shown in the zodiac.


Aries – Toydarian

Star Wars Watto

First appearing in The Phantom Menace, the Toydarian race hails from their native Toydaria. They are identifiable by their small wings and long snouts. Toydarian’s are notoriously strong-willed and can even resist Jedi mind manipulation.

Like the Aries sign, the Toydarians prefer to do things their own way and do not appreciate being told what to do. They are great hagglers and can’t be easily swayed from whatever they decide is right.

Taurus – Wookiee

Han Solo and Chewbacca from the original Star Wars movie trilogy.

Chewbacca’s species the Wookiees are natives of the planet Kashyyyk and are known for their guttural language and hirsute bodies. Wookiees are fiercely loyal and are never afraid to put in hard work, which makes them one of the most beloved Star Wars aliens.

Like the Taurus sign, Wookiees make great companions and loyal sidekicks. Despite this, Tauruses also value stability and do not like it when their ideas are challenged. Chewbacca may have been a loyal sidekick to Han Solo, but he hated losing or not getting his way.

Gemini – Ewok

Ewok in Star Wars Return of the Jedi

The Ewoks may be small in size and appear quite cuddly, but together they pack a big punch. The Endor natives exhibit all of the notable traits of the Gemini sign including their inquisitiveness. Though they live isolated in the woods of their planet, they never miss an opportunity to investigate something interesting when it drops in on them, such as Princess Leia when she fell off of her land speeder.

Geminis are outgoing and love being social, which is reflected in the Ewok culture through their raging parties and their quickness to accept others once they arrive.

Cancer – Tusken Raider

The Tusken Raiders were one of the first alien species encountered in Star Wars. They dwell in the harsh deserts of Tatooine and are known for being prickly and standoffish. Cancers are also often known for their brusque personalities and their dislike of change.

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Though little is known about the Raiders, what they do show to others is representative of the Cancer sign through and through. They do not take well to outsiders and are very open with their emotions–especially violent anger.

Leo – Bith

The Bith species is instantly recognizable by their large heads and big black eyes. They are also some of the most noted musicians in the galaxy. Bith do not shy away from the spotlight and often love putting their exceptional musical skills on display.

They exhibit many Leo tendencies and typically put themselves front and center when it comes to getting attention. They are also quite dramatic, as sudden loud noises can be very harmful to them. Bith are natural Leos for their over-the-top and dramatic personalities and their love of attention.

Virgo – Pau’an

Pau'an Council from Revenge of the Sith

Pau’an have a very frightening exterior, with vampiric features such as fangs and sallow skin. Despite being a disturbing-looking race, they are a peaceful group that honors knowledge and logic above all else.

Pau’an are quintessential Virgos in that they appear menacing on the outside but are actually quite reasonable on the inside. Though the inflexibility of their logic can be an issue, they do not live up to their intimidating and unwelcoming exteriors.

Libra – Ithorian

Ithorian in Book of Boba Fett

Most notable for their strange appearance, featuring an elongated head that resembles a snail, the Ithorians are an instantly recognizable species. Fundamentally the Ithorians honor peace and nonviolence above all else.

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They exhibit traditional Libra tendencies in that they adamantly avoid conflict and even cut people out that are confrontational or violent. Within Ithorian culture, they put peace above everything else and banish those that commit violence or do not honor harmony.

Scorpio – Weequay

Weequay in The Mandalorian Season 2

The Weequay are known for their prune faces and hardy skin that allows them to brave the elements. They are incredibly tough and have volatile personalities that are prone to conflict.

Scorpios are known for being a misunderstood sign and often turn people away with their harsh exterior and aggressive personality. Weequay are definitely Scorpios and exhibit the same intensity towards life as the star sign. They are perfectly designed for conflict, but also carry strong emotions within them that is often very misunderstood.

Sagittarius – Sullustan

Nein Numb realizes the Death Star is operational while co-piloting the Millennium Falcon during the Battle of Endor in Return Of The Jedi

Hailing from planet Sullus, the Sullustan are a staple of the rebel alliance and are often seen piloting their ships. The Sullustan species are exceptionally flexible with their skills and can fit into any role that they are needed to fill.

Like the Sagittarius sign, the Sullustan species is adaptable and very social beings. They flourish around others and have an interest in travel that makes them natural pilots and navigators.

Capricorn – Zabrak

The Zabrak closely resemble humans but they can be distinguished by their horns, multi-colored skin, and two hearts. The Zabrak species is pragmatic and confident and they are known for their ambitious belief in possibility.

Capricorns are often very ambitious people who are confident in their abilities to achieve (which they typically do). The Zabrak are Capricorns because of their drive to succeed and their belief in anything being possible.

Aquarius – Togruta

Rosario Dawson as Ahsoka Tano

The species of Ahsoka Tano is identifiable by their brightly colored skin and long horns atop their heads. The Togruta are known for their tight-knit communities, and in the past, they banded together to protect themselves from danger.

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Despite their strong sense of community on their homeworld, the Togruta exhibit the Aquarius sign tendencies in that they are fiercely independent and are free thinkers. Sometimes this independence and reliance on free thought can get them in jams that they have to work out themselves. Togruta as a species are also one of the strongest in the Force of any alien race.

Pisces – Gungan

Gungans are the native species of the planet Naboo and appeared for the first time in the Prequel films. They often dwell in swamplands and even have major cities beneath the water. They are a peaceful species but they also maintain a strong sense of order within their own community.

In typical Pisces fashion, they are sympathetic to the plight of others and have a wide array of personalities. Though they are considered one of the worst species of the series, there is a lot of variety within the Gungan culture, from the fun-loving Jar Jar Binks to the more serious-minded of his race.

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