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Solar Eclipse 2021: Impact on world affairs and zodiac signs


In Vedic astrology, a solar eclipse is of great significance as it resembles the start of a new life. The last solar eclipse of this year will take place on December 4, Saturday. This day is the new moon day of Krishna Paksha of Margashirsha month. Another thing to note is that this solar eclipse will take place in Scorpio sign in Anuradha and Jyeshta Nakshatra. Scorpio will be occupied by Sun, Moon, Mercury and Ketu. Mars will also join these planets in Scorpio on December 5. These planetary combinations will bring changes in various aspects of life.

Impact on world affairs

The Solar Eclipse will take place in Scorpio sign which falls in the eighth house of the kaal purusha kundali. This is the house of mystery, unknown, unforeseen circumstances and obstacles. Scorpio is a sign of sudden change and transformation. Hence, within a period of one month around the eclipse, there is likely to be sudden weather changes like occurrence of cyclones or floods in countries like South Africa, Southern regions of Atlantic, Australia, and South America where the total solar eclipse will be visible.

At the same time, when Mars joins this transit in Scorpio sign on December 5, the propensity of the eclipse will further increase as a result of which there could be a sudden spike in the number of covid cases in the regions mentioned above which can create a panic situation in other parts of the world. With Jupiter moving in Aquarius in November and Saturn close to moving out of Capricorn in next few months, new variants of covid can originate and transmit, but it won’t be able to create much damage this time.

In India’s horoscope, the eclipse will fall on the seventh house. This is the house of foreign affairs and agreements, business establishments and public perception and unrest. As a result, new public schemes and policies can be formulated and taxation reforms relating to corporates can be announced by the government. India may have to move proactively with regard to certain developments relating to its neighbours at short notice.

Impact on zodiac signs

Two most importation zodiac signs which will see the impact of the solar eclipse will be Scorpio and Taurus. Since the eclipse is taking place in Scorpio sign, people with Scorpio moon sign will experience changes in their life. There could be some uncertainty in thoughts and new developments at workplace can impact their focus. They are advised to not take any impulsive decisions and be patient in their outlook.

Those with Taurus moon sign can also expect dramatic changes in their life. They need to be watchful of any risky investment at this time. Their personal life can also take a toll, and may remain their centre of attraction. All decisions should be postponed for next one month.

Other zodiac signs that will be impact by the solar eclipse will be Gemini, Cancer, Leo and Virgo since the rulers of these signs will also be involved in the eclipse, thereby casting its influence on the people of these signs. After a long period of self-review and introspection, they can expect beginning of a new life cycle. However, they need to watch over their health and attend to pending medical concerns.


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