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Moon In Second House: Meaning & Zodiac Sign Personality


Have you ever wondered why a person does not act like their Sun sign? Your zodiac sign personality is more than a Sun sign!

You have ten planets that influence your personality traits, and second to the most influential is your Moon.

Every person has a Moon sign, and in addition to what zodiac sign that Moon is in, there’s also a house sign.

Together, the Moon, the zodiac sign, and the astrology house influence your overall zodiac sign personality.

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Today we want to talk all about the Moon in the second house.

Moon In Second House: Meaning & Zodiac Sign Personality

What does a Moon sign mean?

The Moon is an important aspect of astrology, and by extension, our lives as a whole.

The Moon represents our inner thoughts, wishes, and dreams; everything that makes us who we are, such as our past experiences (good and bad) are ruled by the Moon.

What does a Moon in the second house mean?

The second house is ruled by Venus, the planet that rules Taurus and Libra.

Venus is about love, but she’s also all about our finances, material items, family, and what we value. It primarily deals with wanting security and possessions.

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