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Astro talk: From Leo to Scorpio, here are the zodiac signs that are genius


We all have that one friend who knows the answer to every complicated Math problem, or who acts as our human translator for Shakespeare’s plays. Their intelligence makes them the most sought-after people of the school or colleges. They are geniuses and are the best in everything they do.

While we do praise them for their effort and help, more often than not, we do tend to feel jealous of them. And the thought of how are they able to do it crosses our minds, at least, once. So, if you, too, are wondering how come they have all the superpowers, the answer might lie in their talent, hard work, and, also, zodiac signs.

Here are 3 zodiac signs that are genius, according to astrology.


Leos, as most of us know, are genius people. They are good in whatever they do, and, at times, are human encyclopaedias. They have the answer to almost everything and they don’t mind flaunting their capabilities. They have strong minds.

Leo zodiac sign


A Capricorn, too, falls on the list of genius people. They are talented and hard-working. They have the solutions to almost all the theoretical and real-life problems. Their talent makes them stand out of the clutter and they prefer keeping their capabilities low-key. Math and Science are, often, their best subjects.

Capricorn zodiac sign


A Scorpio is another most genius of all the zodiac signs. He or she has the power to rule people’s hearts with whatever talent they have. Their genius mind is not only limited to books but is of use in real-life, too. They are great at solving problems.

Disclaimer: While these attributes are generic, these are primarily focused on your zodiacal qualities; all the above traits may not necessarily hold true for you.

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