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The Shops at Crystals in Las Vegas features plenty of new experiences


Although you might think the latest fashions are the newest things in a shopping center, at The Shops at Crystals, you’d only be partially right. The new location of Alexander McQueen (702.590.9299) certainly fills the bill as far as offering its hot pieces, with chunky heels providing excellent comfort and denim pieces working with more sophisticated styles. But the trend maker’s third Vegas store (this is the most stores the company has in one city), also features cool new architectural details, such as one large white accent wall with cotton scraps from Alexander McQueen embedded in it, and multiple beautiful surfaces built from a variety of sustainable woods. Glass fixtures enhance the contemporary feel of the space, and a curtain with larger-than-life woven butterflies creates a changing room in the center.

And at Barbie: A Cultural Icon Exhibition (ticketkite.com), the doll with a huge sense of style has its own digs here for a while. There have been many, many incarnations of Barbie and her friends, from the original 1956 doll to versions tied to fashion names like Bob Mackie. In this museum-style exhibit, topics cover the eras in her evolution, and how Barbie has changed and expanded—the Barbie Dreamhouse will make you linger. Plus, there are so many cool outfits and full-sized fashions that inspired Barbie’s looks. There’s even a studio corner, where construction and design of the doll is presented. Downstairs, you’ll find a shop dedicated to Barbie-themed merchandise, where you can make your allegiance known.

For a chill experience that is also certain to leave you in awe, check out The Original Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit Las Vegas (vangoghvegas.com). Here, the artist’s most iconic paintings are paired with music and projected onto the walls of the large space, resulting in an all-encompassing experience that lifts you right out of this century (although the technological aspects will keep you here).

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