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Sex & Love Horoscope, Week of December 3, 2021, Cosmo Sexoscopes


What’s happening: Tomorrow, there’s a solar eclipse in Sagittarius! On Monday, Mars and Pluto gently connect, opening up opportunities to feel empowered and chase after your personal goals—perfect for shooting your shot! On Tuesday, Mercury squares off with hazy Neptune, creating a mysterious, emotional vibe where you’re more likely to think with your heart rather than your head. Finally, on Wednesday, Mars and Jupiter square off, filling you with tremendous amounts of energy, raising your sex drive to the roof, and making you feel bolder than ever. Enjoy, but try not to overdo things!

What that means for you:


Your biggest focus this week is cleaning up your act, severing the connections from your past that aren’t doing you any good, and preparing yourself for whatever’s coming next in your love life. Whether you stay in touch or not, there’s an ex of yours that still has control over you—like a fear of commitment, a fear of abandonment, or just shitty relationship habits. Whatever it is, you have to deal with it. This ex might even come around personally, giving you the opportunity to deal with the issue head-on, but whatever happens, this is an emotional week with lots of inner work. Before you know it, you’ll be ready to open up to love again.


The world’s been knocking you around, pulling you back and forth between different jobs, projects, and relationships, and you know what? You’ve had enough! This week, you’re being pushed to sort out your sh*t and decide who and what you really want in your life. Go get what you want, Taurus! Shoot your shot, have The Talk, give your boo a key to your place—sh*t, propose to them if you’re ready! Stop letting life just happen to you, and start doing something to change your life the way you want.


New doors are opening in your love life, Gemini! The solar eclipse in your chart’s relationships zone is helping guide you (or force you!) onto whichever path is best for your love life, but it could be a rocky ride. This could be a moment where you give your relationship a major glow up. Orrrr, it could be a moment when you break up with a shitty partner—in order to clear space in your life for healthier, stronger relationships. Go with the flow, keep it real with yourself (and your partner), keep in mind what’s best for you, and work towards it. The love life of your dreams is within reach, so go big or go home! You got this!


You know the saying, “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else?” That is 100% your mantra this week, Cancer. By taking care of yourself in practical ways, you can see direct, positive results in your love life. You can’t possibly bring 100% of yourself to a relationship if you aren’t taking good care of yourself, so this week is all about you. Don’t expect much action right now, but once you start feeling better, you’ll be surprised at how easy it’ll become to both express and receive affection.


There’s so much love in the air you can practically taste it right now, Leo. Hookups are coming your way, you’re crushing on tons of new people, and even more people are crushing on you! It’s easy to take a look at your new options and want to dive deep into all of them, but if you’re looking for love, take your time! Not all of these new paramours will want something serious, so in order to avoid unnecessary heartbreak, be clear with your intentions before you get too serious.


Shy. Nervous. Submissive. These are all not-so-nice stereotypes attached to your sign, but this week, you’re proving all the haters wrong! With the help of Mars and Pluto, you’re feeling the confidence, grit, and motivation necessary to bust out of your shell and say/do whatever you need to in order to get what (or who!) you want—on your own terms. Embrace this astro-weather’s potent energy, Virgo, and you can make some seriously productive changes to your life this week. Begin to live deliciously!


As far as your love life is concerned, you’re not getting much action this weekend, Libra. But even though your love life feels drier than the Mojave desert now, your thirst is 110% getting quenched by the end of the week, thanks to the square between Mars and Jupiter on Wednesday! This transit is super steamy, and turns you into a total sex magnet. Sounds fun, right? Well, it can be, as long as you’re careful! Have fun, but make sure you’re staying safe—AKA practicing safer sex and asking about your date’s vaccination status.


Don’t bite off more than you can chew, Scorpio. You’re meeting someone—or already seeing someone—who you really, really like. You like ‘em so much, you might feel tempted to rush into things, like wanting to get boo’d up after dating for a couple weeks, or saying the “L” word before you even DTR. Listen: Don’t. Do. It. You’re an intense person, sure, but that doesn’t give you a free pass to act recklessly. Moderation is key this week.


You’re being encouraged to reinvent yourself right now, Sagittarius, but before you can become the best version of you, you gotta deal with baggage from past relationships. Sit with yourself, mentally sort out your past, work past the negatives (like by talking to a trusted friend or therapist), and use your classic Sagittarius optimism to find the bright side—like, how much better you are at recognizing red flags now! Concentrate on being the best *you* you can be, and before you know it, you’ll start having the best relationships too.


Sagittarius season is bad about bringing exes back around, and with this weekend’s Sagittarius solar eclipse, you can rest assured that you’re definitely going to deal with an ex or two. And better yet, you can bet your bottom dollar that said exes will be acting preeeetty shady. Whether it’s brushing the drama off, addressing things directly to find closure, or just hitting the block button, this week’s tasking you with clearing out your life and getting rid of aaaalllll the leftovers that no longer serve you. P.S. You really shouldn’t expect much action right now. Sorry, bb.


You tend to be a realist, but this week, you’re being encouraged to fantasize about the future love life of your dreams. There is a ton of romantic potential this week! Maybe you’re crushing hard on someone new. Your left-brain, Aquarian side will say, “Sure, they’re cute and nice, but it’s just a crush.” But your right-brain, creative, emotional side will say, “Maybe they’re ~the one~!!!” I’m not saying that they are the LOYL, but I am saying that you should listen to your heart and go for it. You’ll never know unless you try!


This is a spectacular week to give your relationship status an upgrade, Pisces. If you think you’re ready to DTR, then now’s the time to pop the question. If you’re crushing on someone, now’s the time to ask them out on that date. You’re feeling lucky in love right now, and the stars are filling you up with the confidence and drive necessary to do the thing! P.S. Venus Retrograde, the worst time to DTR, is in two weeks, so you better act fast.

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