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Best Crystals for Pisces Sun Sign


As the zodiac’s ultimate dreamer and romancer, Pisces are incredibly sensitive, imaginative, and mystical. They can spot others’ moods a mile away and will do whatever they can to make people smile. They might find life difficult sometimes because of their intense empathy for others. They ~get~ others’ pain and feel their struggles.

Pisces are naturally creative because they have a good eye and a boundless imagination. They’re happiest when doing something soothing, relaxing, and peaceful, like reading a good book or watching their favorite classic movie. They need lots of rest and respite from the outside world. Pisces are natural healers—they provide a source of comfort, a light in the darkness, and a safe space. Basically, they’re someone we need in these tough times!

Whether you’re a Pisces who’s interested in working with crystals or you’re looking for a gift for your Pisces friend/S.O./family member, try these below. They’re chosen to help Pisces get through hardships, amplify their powers, heal their pain, and activate their wonderful creative abilities. Think of it as a tool kit for the best kind of Pisces life.

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Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz Tumbled Stones

Smoky quartz brings grounding when you’re experiencing overwhelming stress, helping you center yourself and reconnect to a stable energy. It absorbs negativity, leaving you clear of whatever bad vibes you’ve absorbed.



Shangaan Amethyst Scepter From Zimbabwe

Amethyst relieves stress and amplifies a feeling of peace. Its calming properties help you overcome painful experiences and clear your head, enabling you to think rationally when you need to stay focused.

This stone can reveal illuminating insights, activate your psychic abilities, and connect you to your inner wisdom. It’s a great stone for meditation and introspection. Sit quietly with it in your hand and tap into your powerful inner voice.


Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate

Blue lace agate promotes calm and tranquility, helping ease nerves and facilitate effective communication. Try wearing or holding one the next time you need to have a tough conversation.

Aquamarine is often used in chakra healing to help release emotional baggage, reduce stress, and soothe anger. It’s connected to the throat chakra, which represents communication.



Malachite Heart

Malachite has intense protective energy. Place it near your doorway to help keep bad energy away and attract good energy in.


Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine Tumbled Crystal

Green aventurine is a force for tranquility, particularly when you’re working. Try keeping one around your desk or laptop to make the work day a little more harmonious.


Zebra Stone

Zebra Stone

This stone helps you see your true nature so you can see things as they really are. Hold it tight when you feel an urge to gloss over or make excuses for something or someone.



Tumbled Tiger’s-Eye

Tiger’s-eye is a fear killer! Whatever worries you carry with you, this stone will give you a more balanced understanding of them.

Variscite can give you the oomph to tackle whatever you need to—it amplifies your inner fortitude and strength. It’s sometimes called the “true worry stone” for its fear-tackling qualities.

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