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Voyager Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign


As noted by Co-Star Astrology, Gemini’s are not exactly known to be the quiet type. In fact, it is quite the opposite, as the sign of the twins is famously ready to yap the ear off of anyone in listening distance. That’s the Doctor, who, while friendly and loved by the crew, has been known to annoy anyone in earshot with his talkative nature. 

Perhaps it stems from his early years of existence when he was confined to the holographic emitters and limited to the ship’s sickbay before receiving his portable emitter in the Season 4 episode “Future’s End.” Whatever the case, he’s a classic Gemini, not just talkative, but as a holographic program — and an extension of Voyager’s computer — knowledgable on pretty much any subject. He’s even added singing, painting, and the skills of a chess grandmaster to his programming.

However, he’s also afraid of being trapped within his own mind. In “Latent Image,” his programming was stuck in a feedback loop, trapping him in circular thoughts that drove him mad, saved only by Captain Janeway’s diligent friendship. Like many Geminis, though, the Doctor is perceptive, analytical, and possesses a sardonic sense of humor that makes him a lovable curmudgeon. 

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