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Halo Master Chief Helmet, Energy Sword Turned Into Swarovski Crystals


Swarovski has recreated Halo’s Master Chief’s helmet and the Covenant Energy Sword in crystal as part of the series’ 20th-anniversary celebrations.

As part of the celebrations for the release of Halo Infinite and the 20th anniversary of the Halo franchise, Microsoft has teamed up with Swarovski to create crystal versions of the Covenant Energy Sword and the famous Halo helmet, Master Chief’s Mjolnir. The Austrian company Swarovski is best known for its crystal glass products ranging from sculptures, chandeliers, and jewelry.

The newest installment in the beloved Halo franchise has been split into two offerings, with its multiplayer component releasing earlier in November as a free-to-play title, and more still to come. Its paid campaign mode is scheduled to release on December 8, with its staggered release giving fans a chance to try out the free element of the game before committing to purchasing the campaign. Players have been given more details on the continuation of Master Chief’s story thanks to the recently-released Halo Infinite campaign launch trailer, driving excitement before the big day.


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As reported by GameSpot, Microsoft’s unique Swarovski collaboration celebrate the release of Halo Infinite and the franchise’s 20th anniversary, with fans able to get their hands on limited edition crystal figurines of the Energy Sword and Master Chief’s helmet. A total of 117 crystal figures were created as a nod to Master Chief’s Spartan tag, and they are worth a whopping $2,340 USD each. The crystals will not be for sale however, with lucky Halo fans instead having the opportunity to win one via Swarovski’s website, or by heading into its stores in the US, UK, France, or Germany. Another 20 crystals can also be won for those who donate $10 USD from December 9 to December 13 to StockX’s charity campaign benefitting Gamers Outreach.

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The limited-edition crystal figurines are the latest addition to the franchise’s anniversary celebrations. Earlier in October, Xbox collaborated with Dr. Squatch to create a Halo-inspired soap bar, which will help fans smell like the Chief. Aside from smelling like a Spartan, fans eager for more Halo-inspired merchandise can get an energy boost from limited edition drinks from Rockstar Energy, which not only offer to quench thirsts, but also includes codes to unlock exclusive in-game cosmetics such as weapon coatings and emblems.

The Swarovski Mjolnir helmet and Energy Sword will likely make an excellent Christmas gift for a lucky Halo enthusiast’s collection, though getting them will be an achievement in itself. While the beloved franchise’s array of limited-edition collaborations are unsurprisingly popular and therefore difficult to obtain for many fans, players can at least celebrate the series with special in-game items, available for those with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Ultimate subscribers will receive monthly Halo Infinite multiplayer bonuses, with December’s perks including an MA40 Assault Rifle weapon skin, four Challenge Swaps, and four 2XP boosts.

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Halo Infinite will launch on December 8, 2021, for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. Halo Infinite‘s multiplayer mode is available now.

Source: Swarovski (via GameSpot)

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