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What Dog You Should Adopt Based On Your Zodiac Sign | iHeartRadio


Ready to bring home a little cute pup? Here’s what Wags and Walks suggests you should adopt based on your zodiac sign.

  • Aries –The best foster pet for them is the energetic type that never tires of running sprints, testing boundaries or playing fetch.
  • Taurus –They would be happiest with a pup as food-motivated and physically affectionate as they are.
  • Gemini –Geminis struggle to pick favorites or choose sides, making a pair of bonded foster pups, their best bet. One for each of their personalities!
  • Cancer –A great match for a foster dog with medical needs or a new mom and her nursing pups.
  • Leo –A perfect fit for a timid rescue that needs a safe space in order to come alive.
  • Virgo –Virgos are best suited for a hypoallergenic, fully housebroken mixed breed that obeys commands and keeps their toys organized.
  • Libra –Libra does well with a vocal and outspoken dog that won’t hesitate to tell you when and how much they need something.
  • Scorpio –Scorpio’s best match is an indoor type dog that needs a lot of reassurance and is unbothered by unflinching eye contact.
  • Sagittarius – Best suited to social dogs that live to be taken along for a ride, run or day rave.
  • Capricorn– The ideal candidate for a palliative-care pup, helping to gild the golden years of a lucky dog.
  • Aquarius –Aquarians make for great fosters for dogs that need to be the only member of a single pet household.
  • Pisces– An ideal candidate to foster a litter of little ones. Bonus points: you can leverage their cuteness in photos to boost your right-swipes on Tinder.

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