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The Arrested Development Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Leo (July 23rd – August 22nd) is the fiery show-off of the zodiac. Known as “the Creative,” they are often in performing arts like acting. With their out-there personalities, Leos generally like to be noticed, and it’s hard to ignore them. They can be a little vain and self-centered, but they are undeniably charming and fun. If a Leo decides to be your friend, you will have no more loyal an ally than the roaring Lion. 

George Bluth’s former secretary and lover, Kitty Sanchez, was the epitome of a Leo. Slightly unhinged, her extreme loyalty to George put her at odds with the rest of the family, who were trying to get her to produce a variety of documents to protect their interests in the government’s case against the company. Kitty also hinted at blackmail, making the company pay for her breast implants. She was fond of flashing Michael Bluth, saying, “Take a good look, because it’s the last time!” Of course, there were multiple last times. She later became the life of the party at Spring Break. 

Speaking of self-centered, Kitty was obsessed with George in part because he promised to get her pregnant, and she even kidnapped him after freeing him from prison in order to do so. Kitty was always doing things that made her impossible to ignore, albeit much in the same way it’s impossible to drive past a car crash without feeling the urge to gawk.

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