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The Arcane Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Nobody from “Arcane” embodies this zodiac sign better than Vi. (If you’re wondering why she sounds so familiar, she’s voiced by Hailee Steinfeld.) “There’s no braver sign,” says Culture Astrology, and Vi has no problem facing insurmountable odds. A classic Aries, Vi is restless and can’t sit still. She wants revolution now, dammit, and she always charges toward her next goal with reckless abandon.

Aries are warriors and trailblazers who make good leaders, but team players? Not so much. Like many folks born under the sign of the Ram, Vi is not always good at listening to the needs of her companions, and she forgets that her rash decisions can have consequences that impact all of her friends. Don’t bother trying to give an Aries advice: They will do whatever they believe is right, regardless of — and often in spite of — whatever everybody else thinks. Vi hates it when Vander (JB Blanc) tells her she shouldn’t go looking for trouble (even more so because he’s right), and when Jayce (Kevin Alejandro) realizes there might be a way to negotiate peace, Vi won’t listen to him, either.

In romance, Rams are very forward and are usually the ones to make the first move. Vi tells Caitlyn (Katie Leung), “You’re hot, cupcake,” and you can’t get much blunter than that. But underneath all their bluster, folks with this zodiac sign are actually quite insecure, Cosmopolitan points out. Vi must constantly live with the guilt that she may not have done enough to protect her sister.

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