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Zodiac signs and internal desires for 11/30-12/6


Celestial Motion (11/30-12/6):

Hi everyone, Andy here with the semester’s tenth weekly horoscope! This section gives general information for all signs (such as the dates of each celestial event). For the fullest reading experience, please read this section first before skipping down to your sign. To learn how I write these horoscopes, check out my explanatory column here.

The first major event of the week occurs on the very first day of the new month. On Dec. 1, Neptune stops its retrograde motion. During a retrograde, from our vantage point on Earth, a planet appears to move backward through the sky; thus, its associated functions become increasingly difficult to navigate and our personal challenges involving that planet’s associated functions largely turn inward. For example, Mercury’s associated functions are communication and intelligence, so outside of retrograde, its energy pushes us to talk to other people and share our ideas. When Mercury enters its retrograde cycle, its usual functions shut down, which is why Mercury retrograde is associated with forgetfulness and difficulty articulating our thoughts. When a planet appears to be moving forward (outside of the retrograde phase) its motion is called “direct.” In contrast to retrograde, directness means that planets are performing their usual functions and their energy is felt externally, so Mercury’s direct cycle encourages communication with other people. When a planet transitions from retrograde to direct, it appears to briefly stop moving as it switches directions, and this is called “stationing direct.” Neptune rules dreams and the subconscious. When it turns direct this week, we may become incredibly optimistic, but our judgment can become easily clouded, so tread lightly.

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