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3 Zodiac Signs Who Fall Out Of Love Starting December 1, 2021


Three zodiac signs who fall out of love may feel the effects of Mercury in Sagittarius at the 10th degree. The 10th degree is associated with Capricorn energy, and this can change how we communicate in love and our relationships. 

If Mercury in Sagittarius at the 10th degree has any affect on us, it will come to us in the form of discretion. When we talk about discretion, often times we think it means that we keep our thoughts to ourselves.

Similar to this kind of thinking we will be doing just that, but the upshot is this: While those thoughts are being kept to ourselves, we will also be analyzing them, working with them; coming up with solutions to problems…and acting on them, when the time is right.

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Mercury in Sagittarius at the 10th degree brings in the right timing, and in love, this happens to be the right time to know something very real has happened within the context of your own relationship: you’ve fallen out of love.

It’s OK, it happens, though most people think of this as a terrible and foreign occurrence. Mercury in Sagittarius not only adjusts our thinking on the idea of falling out of love, it spins it in a way that we can see this as a good thing.

How could falling out of love be a good thing? Well, first of all, it allows us to live in the truth. If we don’t feel it, we don’t feel it, so what is the point of pretending? After all, being false to another is just a time waster and a heart breaker — nothing here that anyone wants.

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