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Which Hit Monkey Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?


Even though the various movies and TV series that constitute the Marvel Cinematic Universe occupy the lion’s share of attention, there are a number of other efforts, particularly in animation, that show how diverse the Marvel world truly is. Foremost among their most recent offerings is the new series Hit-Monkey, which aired on Hulu and follows the title character as he endures tremendous heartache and violence as he tries to avenge the brutal slaughter of his colony.

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The series features many different characters whose personalities can be best understood by looking at them through the lens of the zodiac.

12 Aries – Hit-Monkey

Marvel's Hit-Monkey

As the most important character in the series (and much more than a mere animal sidekick), Hit-Monkey exhibits many of the traits of the Aries, one of the most dynamic of the zodiac signs. Like Aries, he has a temper, which is much in evidence even before he goes on his vengeance spree. As an Aries, he’s determined to take his own path, which leads him to rebel against almost anyone who tries to get him to do something that he doesn’t want to do, whether that’s the alpha of the tribe or Bryce.

11 Taurus – Ito

Ito holding up his badge in Hit Monkey

Taurus are well-known for their commitment to duty and their sense of honor (to say nothing of their stubbornness). All of those traits are in evidence with Ito, one of the two police officers who set out to figure out what is going on in the criminal underworld.

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Ito’s stubbornness allows him to remain loyal to his duty as a police officer, even though he has no reason to be so, given that he had to take the fall for his former partner.


10 Gemini – Akiko Yokohama

A closeup of Akikio looking disgruntled in Hit Monkey

When the series begins, Akiko seems to be one of the most noble and positive characters in the movie, since she believes in a better future for Tokyo. However, as the series goes on, she shows that there is also a darker strain to her personality, one that ultimately leads her to take on the identity of the deadly assassin Lady Bullseye. Like every Gemini, there are two forces at war within her, and it’s always uncertain which one will emerge triumphant, leading to her becoming something of an antihero (a common character in the MCU).

9 Cancer – Akiko Yokohama

A close-up of Akikio looking shocked in Hit Monkey

Even though she shows many of the traits of the Gemini, Akiko also has some aspects of the personality of the Cancer. In particular, she has a deep compassion for others, which is what leads her to always go on the defense for her uncle and, as the series goes on, Hit-Monkey as well. In fact, she is one of the few human beings who offers him any sort of attention or affection, even if it does later curdle into something less pleasant.

8 Leo – Byrce Fowler

Bryce and Hit-Monkey

Jason Sudeikis is known for being one of the most charismatic actors in Hollywood, and Bryce Fowler is one of his best recent roles. Bryce has all of the signature charm of the Leo, able to cast a spell even from beyond the grave (he spends most of the series being a ghost who mentors Hit-Monkey). And, while this makes him a good and savvy assassin, it also means that he has a tendency to overestimate his own skills and how far they can get him.

7 Virgo – Ozu

Ozu grimacing in Hit Monkey

The Tokyo that this series portrays is a very brutal place, with a vibrant crime underworld and politicians who are as ruthless as any gangster. Ozu, who is running against Shinji, is a textbook Virgo in that he has a mission, to win an election, and he’s willing to do anything to see it through. He is definitely not the type to let any sort of sentiment get in the way, which leads him to do some truly terrible things.

6 Libra – Shinji Yokohama

A closeup of Shinji speaking to someone in Hit Monkey

George Takei is one of the most beloved actors in Hollywood, and he lends his powerful voice to the character of Shinji, who takes up the burden of running for office because he believes in a better future for his country. Like most Libras, he is motivated by a profound sense of justice, which leads him to run for a powerful political office and, just as importantly, to stay true to his principles (at least up to a point).

5 Scorpio – Lady Bullseye

Lady Bullseye in Hit-Monkey

There are few more formidable assassins than the woman known as Lady Bullseye, who lets nothing stand in her way when it comes to dealing out death and violence. This aligns her very closely with the Scorpio, one of the most sinister signs in the zodiac. When she proudly proclaims that she actually enjoys torturing others, she shows that she is quite happy to embrace the stinging and sadistic aspect of the Scorpio personality, even if this does also make her prone to being a bit reckless.

4 Sagittarius – Bryce Fowler

Bryce and Hit-Monkey

The Sagittarius is, arguably, the most charismatic sign in the zodiac, and they are well-known for their sense of wildness and fun. However, they are also prone to giving into their own excesses, often to their own detriment. All of these are traits that Bryce has in abundance, and it’s his sense of entitlement and his lackadaisical attitude toward life that lead him into the place where he is ultimately assassinated.

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Even as a ghost, however, he continues to exhibit his signature sense of fun.

3 Capricorn – Rooster

The Rooster clutching a bag of chips in Hit Monkey

The Tokyo that appears in Hit-Monkey is a place populated by many criminals, and there are few that are quite as intimidating or as intelligent as Rooster. As a Capricorn, he likes to have everything prepared, and he is almost never caught flat-footed. Not only does he have an extensive file on all of the important people in Tokyo; he also has an army of doubles in case someone tries to assassinate him. Unfortunately for him, his meticulous planning doesn’t save him from the brutal force that is Hit-Monkey.

2 Aquarius – Stick

The Aquarius has a reputation for being one of the more abstract of the zodiac signs, and there is often an air of mysticism that hangs around them. This is true of the character Stick, the monk that  befriends Hit-Monkey and seeks to guide him on a path that will allow him to do more than just kill others in a quest for vengeance. His perceptiveness, also a key aspect of the Aquarius personality, also allows him to be able to hear and speak to both Hit-Monkey and Bryce.

1 Pisces – Haruka

Haruka in uniformin Hit-Monkey

The Pisces is a sign that is, arguably, the most emotional and sensitive of all of the zodiac. They have an innate sense of other people’s feelings, and this leads them to form close bonds with others. Haruka is a young policewoman who is partnered with Ito. From the beginning, she shows that she has all of the sensitivity of a Pisces, and while this leads to some conflict between them, it is ultimately what makes them so complementary.

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