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Which Hanna Character Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?


Amazon Prime Video series, Hanna, has finally wrapped up its tale with the release of its season 3. Even though some fans might feel that the end has come too soon, there is hardly a plot that’s been left hanging. While the characters won’t get to go on any more adventures, they will always be dear or detestable in the eyes of fans.

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The chaotic and cutthroat world in which the characters on the show reside might feel alien to fans but a couple of things about them make them relatable. When the mannerisms and beliefs of the Utrax trainees and employees are analyzed through zodiac signs, it’s easy for fans to spot a couple of parallels,

12 Aries – Hanna Petrescu

Hanna Airport

An Aries is ever optimistic, confident, courageous, and passionate. However, they can be overly aggressive, vengeful, and impulsive. Such traits are evident in Hanna Petrescu.

Hanna has enough guts to infiltrate the highly secure Utrax facility and try to free some of the trainees. Living in a forest where danger looms everywhere can be a scary experience for anyone but Hanna never shows any signs of fear. As for vengeance, part of the reason Hanna goes back to the facility is to get payback for her adoptive father’s death.

11 Taurus – Clara Mahan (Trainee 249)

Clara flees from the Utrax facility in Hanna

Tauruses are known for their patience and practicality. They have limited flaws but the few that are present can be deadly. Some of those flaws can be found in Clara Mahan and they include obsessiveness and the inability to compromise.

After learning that her biological mum is out there, Clara becomes obsessed with finding her. Despite the fact that it’s Hanna who gave her this information, she proves stubborn by insisting on searching for her mum her own way. As such, there are numerous examples of times Hanna should have given up on Clara in Hanna.


10 Gemini – Marissa Wiegler

Geminis are quite intelligent. They are great at adapting to new situations too. Regrettably, they can be inconsistent, indecisive, and nosey.

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The CIA operative has had several moments of indecisiveness where she was torn between supporting the Utrax program and helping Hanna. Things become even more complicated for her when her father is revealed to be the person behind the Pioneer Group. Nonetheless, Marissa is appealing to fans because she uncovers things much quicker than everyone else.

9 Cancer – Sandy Phillips (Trainee 242)

Cancers are generally sentimental and tenacious. They have a number of unattractive traits too and this includes the need to engage in Machiavelian schemes, as well as being insecure and distrustful. On the Amazon show, Sandy Phillips is the perfect Cancer.

Sandy’s sentimentalism is seen through her need to constantly chat with her ‘mother’ on the outside world. What she is unaware of is that she is chatting with Teri, who is pretending to be her mother. Sandy is doubtful of Hanna’s motives too, yet the key protagonist has enough evidence to show that the Utrax program isn’t what it seems.

8 Leo – Erik Heller

Erik stands in front of stone circles in Hanna

Positive Leo traits include good-heartedness and a positive outlook towards life. Conversely, Leos can be self-centered, just like Erik.

After falling in love, Erik chooses to flee with his lover Johanna and her daughter Hanna. By doing this, he puts his own interest first above those of the program. Nonetheless, his decision to raise Hanna as his own points to his good-heartedness. He sacrifices his dreams and ambitions to ensure she grows up to be an individual of great character. This selfless action qualifies him as one of the most likable characters in Hanna.

7 Virgo – Teri Miller

Teri Miller chats with Stacy from home n Hanna

On the show, Teri is the quintessential Virgo. People like her are hardworking, analytical, and practical. On the negative side, they are the “all work and no play” type.

As the Chief Utrax Analyst, Teri spends her days monitoring the thoughts of the trainees and interacting with them through social media platforms. The fake profiles she has created have made them believe that they are communicating with family members. While what she does is bizarre, it has kept the trainees content with their current state. Even when she is at home, Teri is always shown working, proving that she isn’t the type to have fun.

6 Libra – Leo Garner

Leo delivers a report about the trainees in Hanna

Libras are generally charming and make great team players. They have a keen eye too and can always see what others don’t. Unfortunately, they can be flakey and rude at times.

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Leo’s task is to make sure the trainees are happy at the facility and he does this by addressing any issues they might have. He is is extremely charming and can calm anyone down in a matter of seconds, no matter how angry they are. He strongly believes in the program too, hence his superiors place much value on him.

5 Scorpio – John Carmichael

Carmichael points a gun in Hanna

Scorpios are known to be resourceful and passionate. They can be controlling, overly aggressive, and unreasonable too, and the latest Utrax boss, John Carmichael certainly aligns with this description.

John loves his job very much and does his best to make sure the employees have everything they need. As a CIA operative, he doesn’t mind sourcing help from Langley if need be. However, he is known to issue too many orders and cannot handle problems effectively. That’s why he is not only unable to do damage control after a whistleblower gets a target list but also fails to block Hanna’s blackmail attempt.

4 Saggitarius – Jules Allen

Sagittarians have a reputation for doing whatever they want. They are risks taker and adventurers too and tend to enjoy physical activities. Their undesirable characteristics can be glaring too and one of them is their lack of compassion. That is how Jules is.

Jules is portrayed as a trainee who reads a lot, has a firm knowledge of various world issues, and identifies as a feminist. She is also attracted to women, though she isn’t oone of TV’s best LGBTQ characters because this side of her isn’t well explored. Moreover, she is aware that the Utrax program is corrupt but she still wants to be an assassin because she believes it’s what she’s good at. While Hanna appears hesitant to take out targets during missions, Jules does so without thinking twice.

3 Capricorn – Gordon Evans (The Chairman)

Evans points a finger at Marissa in Hanna

Capricorns have great leadership skills therefore they always make the best bosses. They have a greater sense of self-control too, but underneath the boldness lies deep pessimism. Additionally, they strongly believe that they know better than anyone else. That’s exactly how The Chairman is.

As the show’s overarching villain, The Chairman is behind the Pioneer Group and the Utrax program. He likes it when things go his way and that’s why he forces his daughter Marissa to work with him. The Chairman might be sadistic and remorseless but The Utrax program’s long-term success is also proof that he is a great leader.

2 Aquarius – Kat Gelder

Kate meets Hanna in Hanna

Aquarian strengths include progressiveness, discipline, and open-mindedness. They don’t have many weaknesses but a common one is being aloof. Such traits can be easily spotted in Kat Gelder.

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As the whistleblower, Robert Gelder’s daughter, Kat gets caught up in the mess that her father has found himself in. She is portrayed as a woman who likes to keep to herself and focus on her studies. Nonetheless, once she gets caught up in the conspiracy, she is open-minded enough to work with some of the players involved in order to survive.

1 Pisces – Robert Gelder

Whistleblower Robert Gelder is confronted by Utrax assassins in Hanna

People under the Pisces constellation are intuitive and wise. They tend to have strong beliefs too, hence they can easily turn radical. Unfortunately, they frequently end up being victims or martyrs, such as the whistleblower Rober Gelder.

Gelder suspected that the CIA is up to no good with the Utrax program. He, therefore, makes it his life mission to find out what’s going on. He manages to get a target list from John but this only causes him more trouble. Before he is able to see justice being delivered, he gets killed by an Utrax assassin in Barcelona.

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