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Which King Richard Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?


While King Richard chronicles the steps taken to bring Venus and Serena Williams into the professional tennis world as teenagers, it’s truly the story of Richard Williams, and his determination to give his daughters a better life. Throughout his story, however, there are a large number of people who make that dream happen – and a few who stand in the way of it.

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Despite the film being inspired by true events, these are not necessarily the zodiac signs the real people that inspired the characters in the movie would have. These zodiac signs are those best exemplified by the personality traits the movie shows the audience.


Aries: Lyndrea

Isha, Lyndrea, and Serena sit on the floor of the living room in King Richard

As the “youngest” of the zodiac signs, Aries tends to be the most impulsive and passionate. An Aries is someone who jumps in, who says things without thinking and doesn’t always know when to stop. Lyndrea, the older sister of Venus and Serena, fits the bill during her teen years, though the audience doesn’t see much of her outside of her interactions with the family as a whole.

Lyndrea is the sister who cracks the most jokes during family car rides and meetings. She jumps in with a sarcastic comment or bragging about her little sisters without a second thought, which gets her in trouble with their father, but shows just how much she believes in Venus and Serena.

Taurus: TD

TD stands in the park in King Richard.

As Richard trains his daughters on the tennis court in Compton, there are a group of young men who consistently harass him. When the young man who has a particular vendetta against Richard is killed in a drive-by shooting, however, TD takes over the leadership of the group. As Venus starts to excel in junior matches, TD takes the family as his responsibility to protect. He even questions when he sees people he doesn’t recognize following them to the tennis court.

That protective instinct, even though it’s sometimes misplaced, is a hallmark of a Taurus. So is the resistance to change as he sees more people he thinks don’t belong in the neighborhood surrounding the Williams family.

Gemini: Isha

Daniele Lawson as Isha Price and Demi Singleton as Serena Williams in King Richard

Isha is one of the sisters in the movie that the audience doesn’t get to know very well. She tends to get lost in the crowd when everyone else is cracking jokes and vying for attention. Isha, however, also never makes a misstep when the family is presented with bigger opportunities, rolling with the changes that come, and adapting to their new circumstances.

She appears to be a true Gemini. Geminis are the ultimate adaptors of the zodiac. They don’t let challenges or change foil them. While they can be anxious when it comes to making decisions, they are champions of going with the flow, which Isha does with ease.

Cancer: Oracene

Brandy Price listens to Richard talk in King Richard

The matriarch of the Williams family, Oracene just wants the best for everyone. While Richard might take training Serena and Venus on for himself, she’s always there to support them.

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Like a true Cancer, Oracene is also more in tune with the emotional needs of those around her. She sees Richard’s ego for the fear hiding underneath. She understands how badly her daughters want to succeed when he keeps pulling them back. Oracene is also quick to make friends with her daughters’ other coaches, while her husband tends to antagonize them.

Leo: Richard

Will Smith in King Richard

Leos are often seen as charming and the life of the party. He manages to charm reporters and get the story of his daughters out to the press before either of them becomes professional players.

Richard is also called out for his ego and making himself the center of attention multiple times by other people. It’s in those moments that it’s easy to see his Leo traits. Richard sees himself as doing what’s best to make his daughters successful, but others see him as someone who wants the spotlight for himself.

Virgo: Tunde

Tunde does homework at the tennis court in King Richard

Oldest daughter Tunde is often seen as the responsible one in her family. She’s following Richard’s plan, graduating top of her class. She’s the one trusted to get her sisters into the car and away from troublemakers or to make purchases for her parents.

Tunde’s attention to detail and taking on responsibility are usually apparent in older siblings, but it’s also common in Virgos. She’s a nurturer who is there for her sisters when they need her and making sure to cheer Venus when she is losing in a match.

Libra: Rick

king richard - rick macci

Rick is the one coach who manages to stick with Richard and his plan for the Williams sisters. With the charm of a Gemini, but the leadership skills of a Capricorn, Rick is the perfect fit for a Libra.

Libras are the sign most often able to see the big picture. They understand the multiple points of view placed in front of them and can broker peace, just as Rick does when he convinces Richard to let Venus get back into playing matches after years of training instead of competing.

Scorpio: Serena

Serena Williams talks to Paul Cohen in King Richard

Though Richard has a plan for his daughters in the tennis world, Serena often finds herself taking a backseat to her sister. Though Serena is willing to stand in her sister’s shadow, she doesn’t stop going after want she wants, keeping most of her feelings to herself. Both of those are Scorpio traits.

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Serena goes behind her family’s back to compete in a juniors tournament, signing herself up and heading out to a match while everyone else is focused on Venus. She knows she has to make her dreams happen and does so like a typical headstrong Scorpio.

Sagittarius: Paul

Paul Cohen coaches the Williams sisters in King Richard

Paul Cohen is the first coach to put Venus and Serena on their real path to success. He is a very technical coach, focused solely on how to improve Venus’ game in the way that he knows how.

The Sagittarius in him is very blunt, one of the few characters to not pull any punches with Richard or even attempt to be polite. He’s willing to teach his way, not leaving room for Richard to be a part of Venus’ tennis life, which causes friction between the two.

Capricorn: Venus

Venus Williams takes the court in King Richard

Venus Williams truly exemplifies all of the traits of a Capricorn during the period of her life the movie examines. She’s got the ambition with a goal of being the best tennis player in the world. She also has the work ethic by spending hours perfecting her game.

What Venus also has is the Capricorn commitment to the people she cares about. She follows her father’s plan and doesn’t want to let him down, but she’s also the first to support her sisters in the paths they choose.

Aquarius: Arantxa

Arantxa Sánchez Vicario gets frustrated on the court in King Richard

Arantxa Sanchez Vicario is the first time Venus is truly put to the test on the tennis court. When Venus goes up against her at 14, Vicario is ranked the best in the world. The audience doesn’t see much of the other tennis player beyond her anger at being outplayed by a teenager, but what she does in response shows the audience some real outside-of-the-box Aquarius thinking.

Aquarius is the rebel of the zodiac, the one who comes up with creative solutions to their problems. Vicario makes the choice to stop in the middle of the game to take a bathroom break that lasts more than 9 minutes to keep Venus on edge and mess with her game. It works.

Pisces: Jennifer

Jennifer Capriati on the tennis court in King Richard

Jennifer Capriati is initially the standard to which Venus and Serena are being held to by tennis coaches because she is the up-and-coming player who is poised for success. What the audience knows of her is based entirely on others’ perception of her during the few years the movie takes place, but what they can glean is that she’s a dreamer who ends up in trouble because of the immense pressure.

Pisces are the dreamers of the zodiac. They have a reputation for their heads being in the clouds, but they can get serious when needed. In reality, Capriati made a comeback just a little over a year after the public thought she burnt out.

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