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Horoscope Today, November 28, 2021: See daily astrology prediction for zodiac sign Aries, Scorpio, Pisces


Aries, Scorpio and Pisces ascendant sign people will earn the praise and affection of their boss for an accomplishment. Read your daily predictions to know the possibilities for your ascendant sign:


Aries sign people will get the reward of the smart moves made by them on the financial front. This is a positive day if you appear in an interview or are expecting the result of one. Your younger sibling is likely to bring good news. He/she is ready to embark on an independent journey. Professionals will make an entry in the good books of their boss by resolving a complex problem. You will peacefully enjoy the comfort of home.


Taurus sign people will turn everything in their favour on account of their smart interventions and hard work. However, an upsetting event is likely to take place and keep you anxious throughout the day. You are likely to fall ill or get injured. Overindulgence in heavy food and drinks may give you flatulence and indigestion. You need to respect your partner’s feelings and maintain warmth and affection in your interactions. Control your spending.


Gemini sign people  are set to get favourable results in all their endeavours. You will come out of all kinds of adverse situations on account of your merit and hard work. Your spouse will stand by you and extend all the possible support. Business deals will bring in more than usual gains and keep you happy. There will be a peaceful and cheerful ethos at home. You can work on all the difficult projects as the stars are placed favourably.


Cancer sign people will achieve prosperity and financial stability today. Expect to reap the rewards of hard work and persistence in your professional projects. However, do not let that success get on to your head. You must guard against being arrogant and haughty especially, while dealing with your boss and colleagues. This is a positive day to appear in an interview or finalize a land sale deal. Things will remain favourable. You will spend the evening paying attention to household issues.


Leo sign people will achieve success in their ongoing projects very easily. Your work will reach its completion on account of your smartness and hard work. This is a day of prosperity for business people as an international deal may get finalised. It will bring fame and prestige to your profile. There will be favourable opportunities for you to do something significant and romantic for your partner today. Restrain yourself from angry outbursts.


Virgo sign people will remain occupied with chaos and clutter throughout the day. You may have to face problems, one after another at work and also at home. Some of them may involve a large amount in order to be resolved. Business people will succeed in finding investors. You may enjoy a party in the evening and indulge in some of the forbidden pleasures. Be cautious as illness is possible.


Libra sign people will certainly earn more than they usually do in their routine financial dealings. Your income is set to improve. A new source of income may also appear from somewhere. A piece of good news is possible on the job or business front. This will be a highly productive day for students. Your siblings will support you. Your familial life will remain blissful.


Scorpio sign people will make accomplishments on the work front on account of their perseverance and intelligence. Your boss will be in a nurturing mode and will appreciate your dedication and commitment. A property deal may finally get finalised as per your terms. A relative or a friend may pay a surprise visit and cheer up the entire atmosphere. A problem will finally get resolved with your efforts and consistent effort.  


Sagittarius sign people will deal with increasing responsibilities with a sense of dedication and commitment. It is a promising day to try and resolve the pending problems. Your energy levels will be high and you will remain happy. You may indulge in some of the finest pleasures of life. Expect reward and appreciation out of your recently completed tasks. You may be asked to join a different branch of your company or organization. You may waste a large amount in treating a guest, so be alert on that front.


Capricorn sign people  may have to deal with adversities and disappointments on the work front as well in personal relationships. It may turn out to be a hectic day due to increasing responsibilities and indifference of your colleagues even towards the most urgent assignments. An illness or an injury is possible, so take precautions. A sense of despair might settle in if you do not control the chain of negative thoughts. Angry outbursts will only increase your problems.


Aquarius sign people will  gain a position of authority as a reward to the accomplishments made by them. There are favourable indications of getting money if there have been overdue payments or a loaned amount. There will be a peaceful ethos at home. Family members will care for each other and look after their needs. You are vulnerable to being haughty and arrogant while dealing with people at work. Be cautious against that tendency.  


Pisces sign people will have increasing responsibilities which may keep the day hectic and exhausting. You might remain irritable and withdrawn on account of exhaustion and debility. Your boss may help you by giving a subordinate team. A social gathering will be entertaining and further exhausting.  Moderation should be your mantra while enjoying yourself. If married, there will be harmony as well as romance in your relationship.

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