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From Taurus to Capricorn and Virgo, discover vices that earth signs are prone to


Those who have studied zodiac astrology closely, claim that there exists a disparity between the star signs and the vices they are prone to. Therefore, even if you think you know everything about your sign, then you may be in for a surprise. So read on to unearth some information about your own star sign or learn about the vices of those you love. This guide offers you a close look at the common faults of Earth signs of the zodiac.



An extremely amiable sign, Taurus has a great appetite for life and also food. This could be one of their vices though, as people born under this star sign may tend to overindulge in food and liquor to disastrous consequences.

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Often regarded as perfectionists, Virgos are workaholics who can become very annoyed if everything doesn’t happen as per their meticulous plan. Therefore, when things go awry, some tend to use alcohol or even cigarettes to combat their disappointed feelings. 



While vices come easily to most star signs, Capricorn is different. These individuals hold themselves to high standards and hence rarely fall prey to vices. However, as they are incredibly attentive to exercise and fitness, at times they could overdo it. This may lead to body image issues and eating disorders like bulimia or anorexia.

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Did these vices resonate with what you know about your star sign? Tell us!

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