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Advisory Board Crystals x Moncler Genius Collection


Los Angeles-based experimental label Advisory Board Crystals has announced a special collection with Moncler Genius. Known for its fascination with crystals and presenting thoughtful conceptual collections which intersect art and science, ABC. delivers yet another casual and refined capsule for its latest joint offering.

“Moncler took its name from the abbreviation of Monestier-de-Clermont, an Alpine town near Grenoble, France so we, in turn, looked to our native California for an inspirational mountain town of our own,” ABC. commented. The brand chooses Mount Shasta as its muse, a large snow-capped stratovolcano situated in the serene Trinity National Forest in Northern California. The surrounding lands boast some of the purest water in the state, and the mountain is a modern-day gathering place for spiritual seekers which claim, “it does not matter where you go on the mountain, the mountain’s energy is everywhere.” Local Native Americans have always felt that the mountain was the sacred center of the universe, and legends tell of a hidden crystal city inside the mountain inhabited by advanced beings from the lost continent of Lemuria. “The Greeks had Olympus, Moses had Sinai, and spiritual seekers in the modern age have Mount Shasta,” reads the description from ABC.

The joint collection items include a range of hoodies, crewneck sweaters, long-sleeve polos, and socks dressed in Moncler Genius motifs, “Sacred Mountain” sunset patches, custom Advisory Board Crystals x Moncler Institute of Arts and Sciences emblems, Swarovski crystal embellishments, and spiritual crystal graphics. Highlight pieces include the navy rugby shirt that features a central red and white side-stripe, white contrast stitching, Swarovski crystal buttons, embroidered ABC branding under the collar, and a collaborative institute logo on the back.

The Moncler Genius collaboration will arrive on the Advisory Board Crystals website on November 11.

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