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Which Studio Ghibli Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign


We know, we know, Geminis being depicted as two-faced or inherently villainous is an overused trope at this point, but associating Geminis with No-Face isn’t actually as insulting as it might seem. Remember how we said Miyazaki almost never creates fully villainous characters or individuals without redeeming qualities? Well, No-Face is no different. Like many Geminis, No-Face is complicated and misunderstood, rather than simply evil.

Geminis — those born between May 21 and June 20 – are known as the sign most capable of dynamic change, and this is certainly true for the iconic “Spirited Away” character. No-Face is hugely adaptable and changes markedly depending on those around him. Though he takes a liking to the film’s heroine, Chihiro, and treats her kindly, he soon thereafter starts eating staff and residents at the spirit bathhouse, taking on the voices and personalities of those he ingests.

Though No-Face certainly turns villainous at a certain point in the film, Chihiro sees his true nature — that he is simply lonely and looking for connection — and is able to return him to his docile, harmless state. Rather than being representative of the inherently duplicitous nature of Geminis, No-Face instead illustrates the dangers of being too adaptable and attuned to those around you.

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