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Lunar Celtic Dream offers peace, calm and crystals


Shonda and Bridgette Rhine own Lunar Celtic Boutique in the Colony Square Mall in Zanesville. The store sells a variety of products, from crystals to clothing, and has an attached photo studio.

ZANESVILLE — When customers walk into Lunar Celtic Dream in the Colony Square Mall, Shonda and Bridgette Rhine want them to feel differently than they do in other stores.

“We want them to come in and have a sense of peace,” said Bridgette. “We want them to feel good energy and just be relaxed.”

Helping to cultivate that atmosphere is an eclectic mix of products, from crystals and geodes to candles and incense, soaps, and clothing. The Rhines make a lot of their own products, including jewelry. They also pour their own candles.

“Everything is all natural,” said Bridgette.

They call the store an eclectic mystic boutique and metaphysical store. The crystals and herbs they sell are focused on self-healing, and carry various properties, they said. 

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