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2022 Yearly Love Horoscope For All Zodiac Signs


As we all start to prepare for 2022 it’s clear that one thing is true, this next year is all about making up our own rules in love and relationships.

2022 yearly love horoscope for all zodiac signs makes things clear: get ready.

This doesn’t mean that we’re all going to be having casual flings, quite the opposite as Venus will finish up an unheard-of four months in committed Capricorn, but only that what we commit to and how we arrange those relationships will likely differ from the social norms many of us have grown up with.

With societal conventions crumbling all around us it’s no surprise that we’re also being invited to look at loving in a new way too.

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This may mean that we will see more commitment ceremonies over traditional weddings, more moving in together or even having dual residences.

2022 is a year where your love horoscope invites you to create whatever you want and need your romantic life to look like.

There is no rule book to follow, no mile markers of a good relationship to reach, instead, this is about harnessing our own truth and looking forward to deciding what actually fits us and our lives.

Together this will begin a new era in relationships and how we share our lives with those that we love.

While there are still prime dates for moving in, elopements, and engagements, the bigger energy here is that the more we know ourselves then the more deeply we can love.

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