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Which The Great Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?


Hulu’s streaming service The Great depicts the life and rise to power of the Russian empress Catherine the Great, effortlessly blends together humor and drama, creating a story that is at times bitingly funny and deeply disturbing in equal measure.

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Much of this dynamic emerges from the characters involved, the powerful members of the Russian royalty and nobility who are always trying to get ahead, whether in love (or lust) or politics. These characters are actually the highlight of the series. Viewing them through the lens of the zodiac allows for a more nuanced understanding and appreciation of their motivations.


Aries – Georgina Dymova

The Great Season 2 Georgina George

The Aries is a fire sign that is known for its ability and willingness to chart their own path, regardless of what others might think. Georgina is one of the most independent and headstrong of the members of Peter’s court, as she demonstrates through her hold over him and over her husband.

While some might look askance at her having an affair with the emperor, she knows that it is the path to power, and she’s determined to take it.

Taurus – Archie

The Great Season 2 Archie

As one of the foremost religious figures in all of Russia, Archie sees it as his duty to steer his country on the path of righteousness. He is also notoriously stubborn, and he refuses to believe that there can be any path forward for Russia except the one that he has decided is the best one.

This aligns him very much with the Taurus, for the bull is one of the most stubborn and inflexible signs of the zodiac, rarely willing to change their mind unless they’re forced to do so.

Gemini – Peter

The Great Season 2 Peter Nicholas Hoult

Geminis are infamous for having two halves of their personality, and it is often hard to predict which one they will decide to show at a given moment. Peter has this trait in abundance, for while he is capable of great cruelty, he also shows that he does genuinely love Catherine in his own way and will sometimes do things that are almost kind.

However, his fundamental instability means that she can never be comfortable on her throne, and he is always suspicious of others.

Cancer – General Velementov

The Great Season 2 Velementov

General Velementov is one of the series’ most contradictory characters, for while he’s a hopeless drunk, he also shows that he has a good spirit and has a great deal of affection for Catherine in particular.

However, it’s precisely his tendency to be very self-indulgent that aligns him very closely with the Cancer, one of the signs in the zodiac that is very prone to looking at the world through the prism of their own needs rather than anyone else’s.

Leo – Catherine

The Great Season 2 Catherine Elle Fanning

Of all the signs in the zodiac, the Leo is arguably the natural-born leader, and they often have a gravitational pull to them that it is impossible for others to resist. That is certainly true of Catherine herself, and not only because she is one of Elle Fanning’s best roles.

As she continues to grow and mature in her position as the wife of the emperor, Catherine shows that she has what it takes to be a truly great leader and to lead Russia into a new era of justice and peace.

Virgo – Count Orlo

The Great Season 2 Orlo

While Catherine might be the leader of the revolution, she’s guided and aided by Count Orlo, who has a very different personality. While Catherine has all the fiery dynamism of a Leo, Orlo has the more studied and rational approach of the Virgo.

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To him, the plot to overthrow Peter must be guided by reason rather than by emotion, and he shows time and again that he is a true child of the Enlightenment, yearning to move Russia into a more civilized age.

Libra – Grigor Dymov

The Great Season 2 Grigor

It’s clear that Grigor is one of the show’s best characters and in some ways, the most tragic. He is hopelessly in love with his wife, Georgina, but yet he also loves Peter, and he can never seem to decide which one he loves more.

It’s his good fortune that he falls into the category of the Libra, which leads him to be able to keep a precarious balance of these two very important people in his life, even though it becomes increasingly difficult for him to maintain it.

Scorpio – Marial

Marial is one of the most likable characters in The Great, in part because she is not the kind of person to suffer fools gladly. In fact, she’s more than willing to tell people what she thinks of them.

However, there’s a certain darkness in her spirit that makes her a perfect fit for the Scorpio, and it’s this bitterness–particularly at her father and at her reduced status–that leads her to eventually betray Catherine at the most important moment of the revolt.

Sagittarius – Arkady

The Great Season 2 Arkady

Even though he is largely a secondary character, it’s clear that Arkady is a very important part of the royal court and that he is one of the closest friends that Peter has. He fits very much into the mold of the Sagittarius personality, in that he is someone who loves to have fun and doesn’t think too much about the consequences of his actions.

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And, just as importantly, he also consistently shows that he is loyal to Peter, even when he doesn’t deserve it.

Capricorn – Joanna

The Great Season 2 Gillian Anderson Joanna Cameos

The appearance of Joanna in season 2 of The Great marks a new challenge for Catherine. Played by Gillian Anderson in one of her best roles, Joanna is a woman who is very much in the Capricorn mold.

She likes things done a certain way, and this means that she can be overprotective and controlling when it comes to her daughter’s actions. And, just as Capricorns can sometimes be resistant to change, she also doesn’t approve of Catherine’s attempts to modernize Russia.

Aquarius – Aunt Elizabeth

The Great Aunt Elizabeth

There are few signs quite as enigmatic as the Aquarius, and they are known for their ability to change and reshape themselves depending on the needs of the moment.

This is very true of Aunt Elizabeth, one of the series’ most mysterious characters, a woman who never really shows her hand unless she has to. What’s more, she also shows that she has the Aquarius tendency toward coldness, like the way she slays a child because of the threat he poses to the crown is cutthroat.

Pisces – Leo Voronsky

Leo (Sebastian de Souza) smiling on The Great

Leo is one of this series’ best characters because he’s one of the few people that loves Catherine for who she is rather than her position. He consistently shows himself to be a true Pisces because he is very much a person who is a slave to his own emotions.

What’s more, he also demonstrates the Pisces affinity for artistic creativity, and it is his gentle soul that makes him so appealing to Catherine. In the end, his love is so great that he is even willing to sacrifice himself for her.

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