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What Tohru Honda’s Zodiac Sign Says About Her


Fruits Basket’s Tohru Honda is a caring, sensitive and comforting person who easily fits the Cancer astrological sign.

Fruits Basket stands as one of the most popular and iconic shojo manga/anime series out there, alongside genre giants like Cardcaptor Sakura and Sailor Moon, and its heroine, Tohru Honda, holds it all together. Tohru is on a mission to heal the hearts of every Sohma family member and finally destroy the multi-generational curse that haunts this reclusive family.

Tohru works incredibly hard to juggle her high school life, finances and personal relationships with her mission to end the Sohma curse, and all this reflects in her astrological sign. Of the twelve zodiac signs, only Cancer, a lovable water type, could possibly describe Tohru Honda in the story of the 2019 Fruits Basket anime.

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 Tohru Honda, A Homely Cancer

Tohru Honda’s actual birthdate is unknown, so it’s unclear what her technical astrological sign might be, although the series confirms that Tohru was born in the year of the dog according to the Chinese zodiac. So, Fruits Baskets fans can choose between the twelve astrological signs to determine which describes Tohru’s personality best, regardless of her actual date of birth, and that sign is Cancer the crab, one of the water signs.

The water signs of astrology are noted for being caring, affectionate, sensitive, intuitive and even mystical signs according to conventional astrological lore, and that certainly describes Tohru Honda, who lacks the fierce energy of fire signs or the patient stubbornness of earth signs. Unlike the scheming Scorpio or the wise, creative Pisces, the Cancer sign is famed for its homely attributes, reflecting how a crab takes great comfort in the shelter of its hard, protective shell. Cancers have one foot in the mystical realm and one foot in reality, similar to how a crab can be in water or on dry land, and Cancers might also be cautious and aloof before making a new friend. They might even “pinch” someone with defensive or passive-aggressive speech or behavior until they get used to someone.

Tohru isn’t known for her “pinches” or reclusive nature, but she does embody the most positive aspects of her sign, including a fondness for a comforting home and home-cooked meals, as well as for cultivating a small circle of trusted, beloved friends. Cancers are cautiously outgoing and prefer quality over quantity in their relationships, forging strong and meaningful bonds with their friends no matter how many or few they might have. Cancers also have an affinity for memories, emotions and intuition, which can only bolster their relationships further.

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Tohru Honda As A Cancer In Fruits Basket

tohru honda fruits basket

Tohru is an exemplary Cancer throughout the story of Fruits Basket, trading off that sign’s pinches and cautious attitude for enhanced empathy and social skills to become an even more charming and sensitive crab who can win anyone’s trust. Tohru has been easy to like ever since the beginning of Fruits Basket, when she stumbled upon Shigure, Yuki and Kyo and was invited to stay in their house instead of her tent on the Sohma estate. Right away, Tohru lived up to the homeliness side of Cancer, becoming a pillar in the household by cleaning up the place, cooking better than the Sohmas could and far more. Tohru also forged strong bonds with Yuki, Kyo and Shigure almost as soon as she met them, and they all trusted her completely.

Bit by bit, Tohru learned more about the individual Sohmas and what made them tick, and she also learned the truth of the zodiac curse that binds them all to their “god,” Akito Sohma. As a sensitive and emotionally inclined Cancer, Tohru immediately rushed to each Sohma’s defense one by one, helping them confront their inner and outer demons alike, from Yuki’s imposter syndrome to Kisa’s extreme shyness and Momiji’s insecurities. Tohru had no trouble perceiving, understanding and fixing the inner turmoil of each Sohma, and she methodically healed their hearts and empowered them to create their own future and break free of the curse, not to mention stand up to Akito’s abuse.

Honda’s Cancer nature was truly tested when she faced Kyo Sohma’s monstrous inner spirit, the grotesque housecat spirit, and she refused to abandon him even when she saw him at his worst. Kyo kept trying to push her away, but Tohru was ready to risk emotional and even physical harm to support him and give him a guiding light to escape his own darkness. It worked, and Kyo was eventually ready to confront his verbally abusive single father and even Akito herself.

Tohru’s Cancer side is reflected in her ability to run a smooth household as a big sister or motherly figure, such as preparing lovely dinners with Kagura, and Yuki, Shigure and even Kazuma are in awe of her Cancer-style culinary skills. Tohru really understands the comforts of home.

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