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Uncover the greatest vices that air signs of the zodiac are prone to


The common perception is that a vice is a disastrous habit that can ruin your life. However, a more honest definition would be that vices are aspects that bring out the worst in you. Dwelling on them can ensure that you lose sight of your short-term goals, schedule, and even your happiness. It is said that you must never justify your vices, but instead work to overcome them. So today, we spell out the greatest vices that air signs are prone to.



People born under the sign of Aquarius tend to challenge the status quo and find their own way to do things. They also love to experiment with different things and have a tendency to take things to an extreme. Getting addicted to certain habits or experiences long-term can bode trouble so they must refocus and work on their health.

vice of air signs



A non-confrontational sign, Libra tends to panic when things don’t go according to their plan. Some could take to alcohol as a coping mechanism, while others can even consider being unfaithful. Quite a few Libras are addicted to working out and take it to great lengths.



A highly hyperactive sign, Gemini is also moody. This makes them take to certain vices to fix their mood or ease their suffering. While some tend to smoke, others seek their adrenaline rush via thrilling sports, as Gemini tends to bore easily.

vices of air signs

A little insight into zodiac astrology can help you address your vices early on so as to remain on track with your life goals.

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