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Should I Consider Using Crystals? |


Dr. Wallace: I saw my friend’s mom use crystals, but I was too embarrassed to ask why she does this and what she gets out of it. My friend’s mom seems really grounded and happy from what I can tell.

So, now I’m interested in trying crystals myself. Do you have any insights about them and how they are used? — Curious teen girl, via email

Curious Teen Girl: Crystals are popular in the spiritual sect. Crystals work with natural energy and with an individual’s own thoughts.

They are said to have healing powers for the mind and body. Scientific studies that I have read over the years usually indicate that there is no underlying scientific evidence that crystals do work, but many individuals I’ve encountered have told me that they can be uplifting, energizing and peaceful when earnest positive energy is coupled with their use.

My family and I have no personal experience regarding the use of crystals, so I can’t endorse them specifically. But I do agree that the mind is a powerful healing tool, and if crystals enhance an individual’s ability to heal or find peace, then I am all for that result!

Dr. Wallace: I’m 18 years old, and so is my girlfriend of the past six months. For some intangible, unknown reason, I think she’s cheating on me!

I do not have any proof since this is just a gut instinct on my part. How do I prove this to myself? Should I just break up with her in case she’s already being unfaithful? — Worried boyfriend, via email

Worried Boyfriend: Instead of just torturing yourself with vague thoughts that have no proof, I suggest that you first take a deep breath and think carefully if there is anything you can think of that might be causing you to have this reaction.

Then, once you’ve calmly thought through the matter, speak calmly with your girlfriend and ask her if she’s happy with your relationship. Ask her any questions you might think of during this discussion, but do not make any accusations or innuendos that you fear she’s been unfaithful to you.

Be the best version of yourself each and every day you have the opportunity to spend time with her because, after all, relationships are designed to enrich and benefit each party. Seek to be very good to her, and chances are she’ll be good to you in return. Remember that your intuition could be completely wrong, and if that’s the case, you sure don’t want to rock the boat, do you?

And if it so happens that your instincts were correct and she decides to end your relationship, you’ll have addressed things early and you’ll both then be better positioned to move on in a friendly manner.

Either way, you’ll benefit in the long run. Stay positive, be your best and ask her directly how she feels these days. Do not silently continue to think vague thoughts about what might be going on.

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