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Budh Dosha In Your Horoscope Wednesday Mercury Take These Measures Remedies


Budh Dosha Remedies: Every day of the week is dedicated to a Hindu deity. Monday is dedicated to Lord Shiva, Tuesday is dedicated to Lord Hanuman and Wednesday is dedicated to Lord Ganesha, Lord Krishna and Lord Budh (Mercury). Measures need to be taken on Wednesdays in case you have ‘Budh Dosha’ in your horoscope. The planet Mercury is considered to be one associated with intelligence. It is believed that if a person’s Mercury is in a strong position in his horoscope, he may gain a lot of wealth, fame and popularity. On the other hand, when Mercury weakens, it causes headaches, skin and neck problems. 

It is said that people with Mercury in a weak position in their horoscope should chant the ‘Budh Graha Shanti Mantra’ every Wednesday to please Lord Budh (Mercury). Chanting this mantra every Wednesday could help reduce the bad impacts of Lord Budh in one’s life. One also needs to take these measures every Wednesday to reduce the ill effects of Mercury in their lives. So let’s find out.  

Measures to be taken on Wednesday:

-Budh (Mercury) is believed to be the God of wisdom and patience. It is said that worshipping Lord Budh can bring wisdom and prudence in a person’s life, apart from awakening spiritual consciousness.  

-According to astrologers, it is necessary to have a calm and composed temperament and to maintain a cordial relationship with relatives to eliminate ‘Budh Dosha’.  

-In case you have a predominant ‘Budh Dosha’, it is considered auspicious to get the nose pierced. However, you need to consult a priest before doing so.  

-In Hinduism, cows are considered highly auspicious. It is said that many gods and goddesses reside within a cow. Therefore, worshipping the cow and feeding it fresh grass every Wednesday helps provide relief from ‘Budh Dosha’.  

-It is also said that placing a red flag in the east direction of the house can help eliminate ‘Budh Dosha’.  

– You can also eliminate the ill effects of ‘Budh Dosha’ by chanting the mantra “Un ain hreen kleen chamundayai viche” on a daily basis. 

Budh Shanti Grah Mantra:

Priyangukalikashyam rupenapratim budham.

Soumya Soumyagunopeta Tan Budham Pranamayaham.

This mantra means that your physique is like the night, your character is like the evening. Your face shines bright like a diamond. You are proficient in all aspects and qualities. “O Lord Mercury, I bow down to you and pray for my growth”.

Disclaimer: The information provided here is based on assumptions and information only. It is important to mention here that ABPLive.com does not endorse any kind of belief or information. Before applying any information or assumption, kindly consult the concerned expert.

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