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Astro talk: 3 Zodiac signs that don’t hold grudges


It is easy to hold grudges and pick up fights. However, to let go of things and move on in life needs a lot of courage. Forgiving people for their actions and forgetting what they have done is a quality that not many possess. Because, after all, it’s difficult to be able to trust people all over again when you know what they are capable of doing.

So, here are 3 zodiac signs that don’t hold grudges, according to astrology.


Pisces may appear as rude people; however, they never hold grudges. They may tell you on your face about the things that might have bothered them or have hurt their sentiments, but once done they will forget about it. They will never keep talking about your past mistakes and the things you have done wrong. For them, once a chapter closes, it’s lifelong and will never be opened up again.

Pisces zodiac sign


A Cancer, too, doesn’t hold grudges. They want a happy life free from worries and they know holding grudges can never make that happen. They are good at forgiving people and forgetting what they have done. While this may leave them hurt and disappointed, at times, but they know not all people are the same. For them, good and bad experiences are a part of life and one has to deal with them at all costs.

Cancer zodiac sign


Leos are straightforward people. They never want to play the blame game. Once they have forgiven you, there’s no looking back. They don’t dig up old things. Holding grudges is not a part of their personality. No matter, how badly a person might hurt a Leo, if he or she apologises for it, Leo will never turn it down.

Disclaimer: While these attributes are generic, these are primarily focused on your zodiacal qualities; all the above traits may not necessarily hold true for you.

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