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The Squid Game Challenge You’d Be Best At Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Like Scorpios, those falling under the Sagittarius sign are well-equipped to tackle the Honeycomb trial. Like Scorpios, a Sagittarius is a seeker of knowledge, though their quest for truth usually bring them to loftier places, considering questions of philosophy and religion, for example. Still, knowledge — no matter what form it takes — is key to the Sagittarius, and as we see in “The Man with the Umbrella,” it is key in surviving Honeycomb. 

Through investigation Mi-nyeo, Deok-su, and Gi-hun are able to figure out easier ways to cleanly crack their honeycombs. Meanwhile, there are two other members of the named cast who manage to make it through because of foreknowledge. Recognizing the significance of the shapes, Sang-woo knows to pick the triangle — the simplest and easiest of the shapes to deal with. The disgraced doctor Byeong-gi (Yoo Sung-joo) does the same, having been warned earlier by the guards employing him to harvest organs. Meanwhile, Sae-byeok gets an early warning when she sneaks into an air vent and sees the workers making the honeycomb. 

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