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3 Zodiac Signs Who End Toxic Relationships Starting November 23, 2021


With Moon in Leo comes the idea of self-respect and all that entails. When this transit is in our sky, we don’t want to treat ourselves badly, and the last thing we can even bear to think about is letting someone else treat us badly.

This transit brings about an aversion to mistreatment and toxicity. In other words, we will feel imbued with confidence and self-trust, and this feeling will help us break free from all that means to poison us with its toxicity. As in people.

Leo is the sign that represents ego, and in this case, it’s the ‘good’ ego — the kind of ego that we need if we are to survive. And life is truly all about survival, of one kind or another.

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Moon in Leo allows us to see ourselves as worthy, and worthy of respect, most of all.

This is also the time where people let go of toxic relationships because there is no need for them. We will be letting go during Moon in Leo, of the people and circumstances that make us feel like we are less than we really are.

Zodiac Signs Who End Toxic Relationships During The Moon in Leo Starting November 23, 2021:


(July 23 – August 22)

Moon in Leo stirs up everything in you that is innately Leo; it will clear your head and make you certain of your next move.

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