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A&M Holds Final Weekly Press Conference of Regular Season – Texas A&M Athletics


Press Conference Quotes: Jimbo Fisher


Opening statement…

The thing I was most proud of was our ability to execute, not have a lot negative plays, penalties, missed assignments. Putting hats on hats on offense with different blitzes and things they did. Covered them on defense, keeping leverage on the ball, doing those types of things. Special teams, really solid job. So as far as performance, we won by a lot of points, but more importantly, we played well. As far as the process of how you have to go about doing things, missed assignments, communication, they mixed fronts, brought blitzes on defense, they were very challenging in the looks. So we had to check a lot of different things, the quarterbacks receivers, I mean, they did a really nice job. Defensively, again, leverage the ball, physical. Created a turnover for points. Special teams really good, outstanding in that regard. It was good to get back to not just winning the game, but to playing well in the game and doing the things that we coach and the way they play and what they want to do and how they do it. And, you know, getting back in that we had a good week of practice last week. We had a very good week of practice.

On the LSU matchup…

We need another good one this week. Extremely hard opponent, going to play LSU. Very talented football team. Great. They always have players everywhere. Offensively, the back is very strong. (Tyrion Davis) Price, very strong. Makes you miss, fighting through tackles. (Corey) Kiner, the backup, very strong. Good player. Max Johnson threw for 300 some yards. He’s got about 25,26 whatever touchdown passes this year. Doing a great job with them. The young receivers for them have really come on.

Defensively, they’re playing…since the break, Alabama beat them 20-14. They lost 16-13 in overtime to Arkansas, ULM they won 27-14. So you’re giving up 20, 16–that’s in overtime, 13 in regulation–and 14 points in the last three games. Outstanding defense. The inside guys are big, strong, physical in what they do and how they do it. The backers are really natural. (The secondary), those guys are all really good. They can play, they can cover, they can tackle. Do an outstanding job. 

Field goal kicker is outstanding. Punter can really kick it. They can always. The returner, 33 (Trey Palmer) is great, athletic. I remember recruiting him out of high school, from Kentwood. Can fly.

So we’ve got to play really well. They play really well. It’s their last game of the year, they’re going to play well. Hopefully we’ll go over and play well. We need to continue to play well, keep achieving things we’ve got to play for as far as finishing this season out and having a great year, and we need a great week of practice to be able to do it. And Ed, I know it’s going to be his last game, so it’ll be very emotional. They’ll be ready to play. I’m ready to play and it’s going to be a great, great challenge for us.

If I remember correctly, when you first arrived here, you were asked about this rivalry and you said it might not necessarily be a rivalry just because the wins and losses have been so one sided. So do you feel like what you guys have accomplished since you’ve gotten here has created a rivalry? 

Well, I can’t say whether it’s a rivalry or whatever, but they’re important games, because they’re SEC West games. All the West games, I call them double whammys because they are big games and they’re inter-divisional games. And they’re all rivalries to me. You know, you’re so close in proximity, and we recruit Louisiana, they recruit Texas like everybody does, but they’re very close. And they’ve always had great success here. So I think that kind of makes it that way. And listen. They’re a great team and they’re one of the teams we’re going to contend with year in and year out because they always have great players.

You’ve already talked about some of the games LSU has been in and some of those close losses. So knowing that it’s very likely that this could be a very close game in the fourth quarter, and on the road, what is going to be the key to escaping Baton Rouge with a win? 

Just trusting in the process and understanding that this play is the next play you’ve got to play, and playing every play and playing it to your fullest. Winning your battle each and every time, not worrying about the scoreboard, worrying about what you have to do. Not worrying about the result. If you worry about the result, bad things happen. You worry about making the play and blocking, tackling, catching, running, throwing, whatever it is, usually good things happen. That’s what it’s going to come down to, not feeling that it’s a tight game. This is the next play. This is what I’ve got to do, this is how I’ve got to execute, and go play well. Keep your poise.

With this being Coach O’s last game in Baton Rouge, you expect them to come out kind of on fire with a lot of intensity. How do you guys match that from the get go? 

Well, we’ve got to match their intensity. Listen, you play in this league, you better match all the intensity. Our opponent is not what we’ve got to base off of. It’s based off ourselves. Our standard? Our opponents are faceless. Doesn’t matter if we play Prairie View, play LSU, play Alabama, play Auburn, play Georgia, whoever. Who you play doesn’t matter. It matters what we think and how we do things and to play to our standard. And you’re going to have to…listen. In this league? You have to be up. You have to be ready not only to match intensity, but you’ve got to match execution. You’ve got to match physicality. You’ve got to match toughness, all those things. And that’s our standard we have to worry about. LSU is going to take care of LSU. Texas A&M is going to need to take care of Texas A&M.

You spent six years in Baton Rouge. What do you remember about Tiger Stadium, especially night games? 

Dynamic atmosphere. Fun. It was fun to be on that field and feel that environment and atmosphere. Of course, we had good teams, so you say wow, it was crazy. Well we were really good. We were winning national championships, SEC championships. We were one of the top teams in the country. We finished top five in four of the five years, the years I was there, or maybe top 10 in five of six years, or whatever it was. But I mean, very electric, very fun, great people. And they love their Tigers. It’s a heck of an atmosphere. It’s a great place to play when you’re home, and a tough one to play when you’re on the road. And for two reasons…again, not only the atmosphere there, but the players on the field. They have really good players. 

Today, some of your players have expressed their excitement about you staying at A&M and continuing to build this program. Has that created a stronger, more loyal connection between you and your players? 

I think there’s a trust. I mean, you have to trust…listen. People always say you’ve got the player’s careers in your hands. Well, they’ve got our careers in their hands. It’s a trust factor. This is a give and take. But you can understand…it’s just like your parents. You love your parents, but somebody’s got to be in charge. Somebody’s got to tell you what to do, how to do it. But also, after you get done chewing on their butt, getting on a man or whatever it is on the field, telling them to do it right, you put your arm around them when you’re walking off and say, this is why I did it. Understand this is the purpose of this. There’s a bigger picture. I’m coaching the guy you can be, not who you are, and you have to be pushed, prodded and you have to learn to be uncomfortable to be a great player. Being uncomfortable, being pushed, being challenged, being constantly, ‘good enough is never good enough’. And learning to master something and learning to drive your mind to a point where you never take a play off. And that’s challenging and it’s demanding and it’s hard. And I think from that standpoint of building that trust and love between each other, which is what I think it’s about, it’s doing that. But them also understanding everything you say, it’s for their best interest. And you tell them and then you put your arm around them. They can be mad, and we can agree to disagree. But understand it’s not coming from a bad place, and I think that’s where that trust comes from. Hopefully, they have it in me. I definitely have it in them, and we’re developing each and every day.

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