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Which Tick, Tick…Boom Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?


Netflix’s Tick, Tick… Boom is a musical with dramatic characters that cannot, and do not want to, be contained. The core group is made up of struggling artists who are pursuing or have given up on their biggest dreams. These are individuals with great minds and large hearts.

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Alongside them are the friends, teachers, and colleagues who ground them. With the help from their supporters and the zodiac, they will be brought back down to earth as they are compartmentalized into their respective signs based on their greatest character traits.

Aries – Jonathan

Andrew Garfield as Jonathan Larson in Tick, Tick... Boom! trailer

Jonathan is the most passionate character of the bunch. When he was young he decided that he wanted to write Broadway musicals and, at almost 30 years old, has not given up on his dream. He displays the Aries qualities of dynamism and competitiveness.


Jonathan won’t settle for a boring office job, no matter how well it pays. He knows what he wants, and will not stop until he gets it. His passion for theatre inspires many of his friends, yet they also worry that it has consumed him.

Taurus – Susan

Susan sings on a rooftop at night in Tick, Tick, Boom.

A dancer, Susan is a very creative individual who has no problem showing off her sensual side. For much of the movie she also serves as a dependable confidant to Jonathan as he struggles through his writer’s block.

Like a Taurus, she values honesty, which leads her to leave Jonathan when it appears that his play will be the third person in their relationship.

Gemini – Kim

Andrew Garfield Tick Tick Boom Trailer

Kim is an optimistic person who thrives as both an innovator and a team player. When tasked with brainstorming ideas in a focus group, she forms original ideas and builds off of the suggestions of her peers.

A Gemini is often a great communicator, and that is exactly what Kim is. It is this trait that makes her a great contribution to the advertising team.

Cancer – Carolyn

Carolyn, Freddy & Michael smile in a kitchen in Tick, Tick, Boom.

Carolyn is an intuitive being, thanks to the many hours spent interacting with others as a waitress. She knows what the right thing to say at any given time. As a Cancer, she is also fiercely protective, particularly towards her friend Freddy. When he is in the hospital, she visits him to let him know that everything is going to be okay.

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Carolyn is also sentimental, as she admits that she would miss working with Jonathan if he quit his job at the diner. These are all trademarks of a Cancer.

Leo – Freddy

Freddy sits and look in the distance in Tick, Tick, Boom.

Like the lion, Freddy is brave and courageous. Battling HIV, he stands his ground and never loses hope because he is a fighter. Freddy is also unapologetically himself, and will not hide behind a mask to please someone else.

At the party, you can find him laughing with the rest of the guests and having a good time. Leos thrive off of social interaction, so it makes sense. Freddy’s quick wit also puts him at the center of attention, which is perfectly fine with him.

Virgo – Michael

Michael Tick Tick Boom

Although he once struggled as a starving artist, Michael has chosen a more straightforward path. Gone are the days of standing in line for auditions, replaced by afternoons sitting in business meetings. Michael is the most practical and analytical of his friends.

He saw that his acting career wasn’t going anywhere fast, so he made the decision to move to the world of advertising, where he could still be somewhat creative and be paid well for it. As a Virgo, he is also a loyal friend and Jonathan’s strongest confidant.

Libra – Ira

Ira sits at a table and talks in Tick, Tick Boom.

A teacher and counselor to Jonathan, Ira is a social and gracious person. He doesn’t kick Jonathan when he is down. Instead, Ira strives to help Jonathan with his career, giving him wise advice and cheering him on along the way. When Jonathan speaks of his procrastination, Ira looks at the situation logically and suggests that he puts his effort towards the formation of his new musical.

Ira also emulates the Libra traits of loyalty and responsibility, as he devotes his time to helping Jonathan further his career.

Scorpio – Rosa

Rosa Stevens talking on the phone in Tick, Tick... Boom!

Rosa is a firecracker. She’s hard to contact but is ultimately helpful and resourceful and it is that third Scorpio trait that makes her such a great ally. As Jonathan’s agent, she is great at what she does, getting butts into seats.

Although Jonathan might be frustrated by her stubbornness and aloof qualities, he understands that Rosa knows what she is doing. She may seem a bit rough around the edges but deep down she cares for Jonathan and wants to see him succeed.

Sagittarius – Karessa

Vanessa Hudgens Tick Tick Boom

Although Karessa is given few chances to speak up and shine, she takes any second she gets and commands the room. She is easy to pick out of the crowd with her expressive face and a strong set of vocal cords.

Always cheery, Karessa displays the Sagittarius traits of optimism and humor, and her presence at parties and performances show that she is a true extrovert. She is also a very generous friend, helping Jonathan out with the workshops for his new musical.

Capricorn – Judy

Jonathan talks on the phone at the diner in Tick, Tick, Boom.

As a Capricorn, Judy is serious about her work. She is disciplined and doesn’t stop until she gets what she wants from her focus group participants.

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Although Judy is a minor character, appearing only in one scene, it is easy to imagine her commanding the boardroom and climbing the corporate ladder. She has the potential to be a strong and independent businesswoman.

Aquarius – Roger

Roger sings on stage on Tick, Tick, Boom.

Roger might be a supporting character in Jonathan’s life, but he is still an artist. He uses his creativity and imagination in his performances, seizing every opportunity to showcase his vocal range. It is through the short performances that he displays his originality.

Roger is also uncompromising, another trait associated with the Aquarius. When Jonathan is rude to a party guest, Roger doesn’t hesitate to call him out.

Pisces – Stephen

Stephen leans on his hand in Tick, Tick, Boom.

Stephen is the quiet supporter in the corner whose words come when they are most needed. When Jonathan thinks that his career is over, Stephen, his idol, reminds him of his talents and predicts a bright future ahead.

Stephen knows how to read people and can sense their potential. A Broadway icon in his own right, he also has artistic abilities that align with the traits of a Pisces.

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