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Weekly horoscope: Getting together is a great idea right now | Life


OVERVIEW: Make plans to get together as many want to catch up or relax a bit.

Gatherings and celebrations should go well. Grand plans can be discussed and who will get the biggest slice of the pie. This will be decided by the amount each contributed in one form or another, not necessary in cash.

Value can be assessed in other ways. Cover all bases to everyone’s satisfaction as all involved need to feel appreciated.

Talks take on a more positive tone as hope is in the air generally.

Put aside some time for romance or quality time together. Love can blossom when doubts are put aside. Hug things out if there are not words to say. This can work magic.

ARIES: Check the costs involved with holiday spots. Bargains can still be found these days.

TAURUS: Tighten up your support system in personal or business. Make them feel needed.

GEMINI: Others show you how important you are to them and ask how they can help out.

CANCER: Creativity impresses other and an opportunity opens up to expand venues etc.

LEO: Have a party or open house and home or office. You can show off what you can do.

VIRGO: You feel lucky and you are now. Others are willing to take a chance on your ideas.

LIBRA: You can spend to add to your decor or comfort. Others will admire your efforts.

SCORPIO: Add a little sugar to your words or speeches. This will be appreciated a lot.

SAGITTARIUS: Major financial benefits come from private arrangements. Settle. Sign.

CAPRICORN: You are recognized as an authority in your field. Step forward. Show them.

AQUARIUS: Your influence behind the scenes is strong. It boosts your status or career.

PISCES: Destinations become more important you your future plans or projects. Scout.

Heather Zais is an Okanagan resident and astrologer. Email: heather_zais@telus.net.

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