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Pete Davidson & Kim Kardashian’s Zodiac Signs: Are They Compatible?


According to Tabourn, Davidson and Kardashian have clashing sun and moon signs (her moon sign is in “sensitive daydreamer Pisces,” whereas his is in “pragmatic and no-nonsense Capricorn). This points to a “challenging” emotional compatibility, with the pair needing open communication and clear boundaries since they process feelings differently.

“Kim has a lot of mutable placements, including her Pisces moon, which implies she needs to always be on the go, constantly adapting and shifting and moving through the world,” explained Tabourn, adding: “She would be someone who rejects too much stability, for it would probably feel suffocating to her.”

However, even though Scorpios and Libras aren’t “typically the perfect match,” they can absolutely make it work and help balance each other out. As for Davidson and Kardashian, they do have one astrological element in common: their shared Mars sign, indicating a deep connection and strong sexual compatibility.

With all signs pointing to a hot-and-heavy romance between the celebrity couple, Elite Daily also adds that there’s little chance these two will keep it casual. Odds are the pair will share more than just fire intimacy, and get “emotionally invested” in the relationship, says the media outlet.

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