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The Grey’s Anatomy Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign


The sign of Aries represents those born between March 21 and April 19. Those born under Aries demonstrate ambitious leadership skills and have bold, outgoing personalities. Ruled by the element of fire and serving as one of the three cardinal zodiac signs, Aries tend to make waves due to their brash, fearless, and proud nature.

When it comes to the cast of “Grey’s Anatomy,” Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) initially pushes past his colleagues to assert control. Originally cocky and abrasive, he alienates his colleagues because of his thoughtless comments. When he meets Meredith, he condescendingly dismisses her as a nurse, refusing to believe she is also a surgical resident. He is also prone to angry outbursts, even threatening to punch those who upset him in the hospital. Upon working with George, a timid coworker, he mocks him for his hesitant demeanor and attempts to take over a surgery to display his facilities as a doctor.

However, Alex slowly transforms into the best of what an Aries can be during his time on “Grey’s.” While exploring his passion for pediatric surgery, he displays a kindhearted type of leadership, one that strives to do the best for all of his patients. Whenever he struggles to determine a diagnosis, he spends his days researching any and all forms of long-term treatment. Bold yet empathetic, he helps establish new protocols at the hospital to make sure that his patients consistently receive high-quality care. Even though it takes some time for Alex to grow into his best self, he eventually shows the top-tier traits of an Aries.

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