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The Gilmore Girls Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Leos (July 23 – August 22) are the flashy, attention-seeking members of the zodiac. They are bossy and like to be in charge, but they are also conscious of their role as performers and entertainers. Indeed, they are known as the Creative, which for them is equal parts self-centered and generously giving, as though they were royalty bestowing favors. Who else in the “Gilmore Girls” cast could this be but Paris Geller, the furiously fast-talking, ambitious young genius who became Rory Gilmore’s greatest frenemy?

Paris is the queen bee at Chilton and is threatened by Rory’s presence, as she is always worried someone might steal her spotlight. When they wind up at Yale together, they keep a wary peace, even though Paris’ every movement is dramatic and over-the-top. Still, Paris proves herself to be a brilliant writer and excellent editor at the school newspaper. She also becomes president of the student council, determined to succeed and boss around other people in a high-profile role. 

Even as an adult, after she becomes a doctor, everything about Paris is still dramatic. She builds a business called Dynasty Makers, a full-service fertility clinic that caters to the rich and famous. 

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