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The Buffy The Vampire Slayer Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Buffy Summers knows a thing or two about wearing different hats (or heels, in her case). When you’re a teenager with a secret identity that requires you to stroll cemeteries after midnight, you tend to become different people. Slayer Buffy is a whole lot different from School Buffy, who’s even a whole lot different from Home Buffy. Geminis have the reputation of being two-faced, but in reality, they’re just easily adaptable — either by necessity or choice.

Despite her sometimes status as a ditzy valley girl, Buffy is smart as a whip (or a stake). Sure, she struggles in school, but who wouldn’t when they’re busy saving the world until 5 AM on school nights? And let’s face it: No one can pun or sass like the slayer. In the love department, Buffy is all about the flirting game until she finds someone she shares a deep connection to and wants to settle down with — but even still, she’s never boring (and neither are her partners). How many times can one girl live out an overdramatic Romeo and Juliet-esque vampire and slayer relationship?

Like any good Gemini, Buffy’s loyalty runs deep, but she’s more than willing to call out the Scooby Gang when she disagrees with their actions. As likely to go shopping for 20 new pairs of shoes and party at the Bronze as she is to have a deep conversation with her friends, Buffy’s zest for life and her ability to inspire make her a phenomenal leader. It’s not just brawn with Buffy.

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