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Afterlife Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac?


Ghostbusters: Afterlife brought a new generation of heroes to battle ghosts and save the world, while also bringing back beloved faces from the past. This movie mixed children – both teens and preteens – with adults who can’t fathom what is happening. All of these characters have traits that serve them in battle, defined by their personalities.

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When looking at a character’s personality, it is fun to compare them to the positive and negative aspects of the different zodiac signs. The characters in this movie have no birthdays revealed, but they still possess traits that allow them to fit comfortably into a specific Zodiac sign.


Aries – Dr. Winston Zeddemore

Winston fighting ghosts in Ghostbusters.

Dr. Winston Zeddemore returned to help in the final battle against Gozer. He also showed up in the Ghostbusters: Afterlife end-credits scene and showed that he might be playing a big role in the future of the franchise if it continues.

Out of all the original Ghostbusters, Winston was the least experienced and he always had a lot to prove. Luckily, he has the traits of an Aries, a determined, honest, and confident man who was willing to stand and fight, even if he didn’t understand everything that was on the line.

Taurus – Dr. Egon Spengler

Phoebe looking at Egon's uniform in Ghostbusters Afterlife.

Egon Spengler was the smartest of the original Ghostbusters, but he was also the most eccentric – with plenty of hilarious Egon Spengler quotes for fans to enjoy. These traits ended up playing an important part in the new movie, as they were both passed on to his granddaughter. However, Egon was also determined and was there to fight evil up to his death, and he even kept on in the afterlife.

Egon’s personality fits that of the Taurus. He is a logical, determined, and trustworthy scientist who will never quit. He also has the Taurus tendency to be stubborn, a trait that cost him his family and friends over the years.

Gemini – Gary Grooberson

Chad Grooberson with the proton pack in Ghostbusters Afterlife.

Gary Grooberson was the teacher who took an interest in Phoebe Spengler and helped her learn more about her grandfather’s work. He is a very smart man who recognized something was wrong even before he knew it was ghosts. However, he also fell early in the battle.

The Gemini represents someone who is adaptable and willing to try anything once, Gary he proved he shared those attributes when he recklessly released a ghost early in the movie. The Gemini is also highly intelligent and outgoing, two traits that perfectly define Gary in Ghostbusters: Afterlife.

Cancer – Phoebe Spengler

Phoebe shooting at ghosts in Ghostbusters Afterlife.

When Callie Spengler moved her two kids to a small country town in Oklahoma, neither felt they would fit in. However, the youngest, Phoebe found herself after the movie. She was the smartest character in Ghostbusters: Afterlife and was the first person who knew how to stop the ghosts and the demon, Gozer.

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Those with the Zodiac sign Cancer are protective and intuitive people, and Phoebe exhibited both those traits while protecting her family name and saving the world.

Leo – Gozer

Gozer in Ghostbusters.

Gozer returned for Ghostbusters: Afterlife as the main villain once again. While the original ghostbusters beat the demon over 30 years ago, it was not gone forever. Egon did what he could to contain it, but when he was gone, it was only a matter of time before Gozer returned.

A Leo is a sign of leadership, and Gozer did nothing over the years if not convince people to worship it. It is a wise demon and one that is very confident and strong, cementing itself as a true Leo. However, the negative signs of Leo can include arrogance and stubbornness, which are two things that led to Gozer’s downfall.

Virgo – Podcast

Trevor, Phoebe, and Podcast standing by the Ecto-1 in Ghostbusters Afterlife.

When the Spengler family moved to town, Phoebe was an awkward and socially inept little girl who struggled to make friends. However, she shockingly not only found a friend in Podcast, but seemed to gain a best friend that understood her and helped when it came time to stop Gozer.

Podcast shares the traits of the Virgo, a hardworking and observant young boy who often takes it to the extreme when it comes to conspiracy theories. He is also helpful and kind, but also shares some more negative Virgo traits, including his propensity to overthink things.

Libra – Trevor Spengler

Trevor driving the Ecto-1 with Phoebe and Podcast in Ghostbusters Afterlife.

Trevor Spengler was the oldest grandchild of Egon Spengler, and while he didn’t necessarily possess his grandfather’s intelligence, he did have his own knack for getting the job done. He also showed a lot of the traits of the Libra zodiac sign.

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Like the Libra, Trevor was cooperative and able to help his sister when the chips were down. He is also a social creature, able to move his way into a job and a possible future girlfriend with Lucky. On the negative side, he was also mostly non-confrontational until he knew he had to fight to protect his family.

Scorpio – Dr. Raymond Stantz

Ray sitting by his phone in Ghostbusters Afterlife.

Ray Stantz had been working at a book store since the Ghostbusters went out of business. He first showed up when Phoebe called him from jail and let him know that Egon had died, leading to the return of the original Ghostbusters.

While Ray was bitter and angry at the start, he ended up softening and showing his true loyalty by the end of the movie. This puts him squarely in the camp of the Scorpio, as a loyal, brave and faithful warrior. He also showed his resentful side before realizing Egon had died, another, albeit more negative, Scorpio trait.

Sagittarius – Lucky Domingo

Lucky, Trevor and Podcast shining flashlights in Ghostbusters Afterlife.

Lucky Domingo was the teenage girl that Trevor saw and fell for early in the movie. She was also the sheriff’s daughter who eventually chose to stand by Trevor and Phoebe in the battle against the ghosts and demons that had arrived in town.

Like a Sagittarius, Lucky was smart, with an independent spirit and outgoing personality as one of the wild children of the Zodiac. She also had a brutally honest attitude that allowed her to speak her mind, another important Sagittarius trait.

Capricorn – Callie Spengler

Chad looking at a map with Callie in Ghostbusters Afterlife.

Callie Spengler was Phoebe and Trevor’s mother, and the daughter of Egon Spengler in Ghostbusters: Afterlife. She had it rough from the start, with a feeling of abandonment by her father and an inability to keep her head above water.

With that said, like a Capricorn, Callie is a hardworking woman who is responsible and wants to lead her kids to a better place. However, she also displays more negative traits of the sign, with a tendency to be pessimistic and less up-beat than people who fall under other signs of the Zodiac.

Aquarius – Dr. Peter Venkman

The original Ghostbusters showed up for the final battle to help the kids defeat Gozer and save the world. This included arguably the biggest fan-favorite character from the original movie, Dr. Peter Venkman.

Out of all the original Ghostbusters, Peter was the unconventional one. With a love of shaking things up and strong confidence in his intelligence and abilities, he shows traits of the Aquarius. He also shows that he is self-reliant and often puts his own needs first, which is another thing that Aquariuses are good at when they need to be.

Pisces – Janine Melnitz

Janine greets Callie in Ghostbusters Afterlife.

A fan-favorite from the original movies, Janine showed up twice in Ghostbusters: Afterlife. She was first there to welcome Callie and her kids to Egon’s old house. She was then back in the end-credits scene where she met with Winston and revealed she still was the one who knew what was going on and kept the original guys in line.

Like a Pisces, Janine mostly keeps to herself, which can sometimes lead to her seeming aloof. However, also like a Pisces, she showed great empathy and care for the original team and she carried that to the end, making sure to take care of Egon when he couldn’t care for himself.

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