Home News 3 Zodiac Signs Whose Love Life Improves, November 20, 2021

3 Zodiac Signs Whose Love Life Improves, November 20, 2021


This transit, Moon Trine Saturn, can be very specific for the three zodiac signs whose love life improves on November 20, 2021.

We’re talking about our love lives being improved, but not necessarily because we’re having ‘better intimacy’ or we’re ‘communicating better.’

In fact, we’re talking about taking that love a step further — marriage. How we go about this is exactly what’s going to make us happy, as a couple.

Not everyone in the world wants a fancy wedding, if they are, indeed, planning on getting married.

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If you identify with this kind of thinking and just happen to be engaged and planning your marriage, you may be influenced by the Moon Trine Saturn — a surefire kick in the butt that may have you thinking about eloping.

The only people who enjoy the idea of eloping are the people who are getting married, themselves.

Everybody else, family and friends, usually shudder at the thought. People are so accustomed to the idea of a big celebration, renting a hall, throwing a banquet, lights — camera  action.

Getting married, to some, is a lovely idea, but having an actual wedding can be intimidating.

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