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Weekly Horoscope For Sept. 27–Oct. 3, 2021, From The AstroTwins


Fairness and equity are the name of the game, but how do we actually define these ideals? This could be a hotly contested topic starting Monday. With pivotal court cases threatening constitutional rights, there’s no better way to use this backspin than to remobilize for the cause. Write letters, sign petitions, call representatives, organize donations, march. Peaceful protests are the name of Libra’s game, but with Mercury in reverse, it’s equally important to prepare a good (self-) defense. Feuding with trolls is not just a distraction; it’s a detour from doing what might actually make a difference. Keep the endgame in your crosshairs, and let that focus be your guide.

On a personal note, Mercury’s retreat through Libra, the sign of romantic partnership, could get people wistful for “the one that got away.” But easy does it! Hindsight won’t be 20/20 while Mercury’s in reverse until October 18. Glossing over problems practically guarantees that they’ll be back to haunt again. Don’t kid yourself into thinking that you can “work on a friendship” with someone who shredded your ego, your heart (or both).

Certainly, this is not the time to go testing those waters, especially if you’ve got a good thing going on with someone else. Couples can retrograde-proof their beautiful bond by filling the shared calendar with nostalgic experiences. Visit the place where you first kissed, make a playlist of your favorite songs over the year, and slow dance in the living room. Triggering the honeymoon phase might just flood you with sensations you forgot you could feel!

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