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People Warned Not To Charge Crystals During Tonight’s Partial Eclipse


With tonight’s partial lunar eclipse looming, people are being warned not to charge their crystals during the celestial event.

As earth passes in between the sun and the moon, it will be the longest partial eclipse in nearly 600 years, so it will definitely be a sight to be seen.

The eclipse will see 97 per cent of the moon shadowed by our planet, which will cause it to be bathed in a reddish hue.

While there will be plenty of people who will be sticking their necks outside to catch a glimpse of the incredible moment, those with crystals are urged to avoid charging them tonight.

Credit: Alamy
Credit: Alamy

According to C Magazine, ‘charging’ a crystal gives it ‘additional energy’ and allows it ‘to work with more vibrancy and for a longer duration before it needs to be cleansed again’.

“Charging can also increase the intensity of any intention placed into the stone. There are numerous ways to charge crystals, but the following are the core techniques to be familiar with,” the outlet claims.

Melbourne-based astrologer Janelle Palibrk has revealed why tonight’s partial lunar eclipse is a bad time to hook those rocks up to the spiritual charger.

“Don’t cleanse crystals, charge crystals or set intentions under the lunar eclipse,” Palibrk said to Elle Magazine.

“The energy it gives is chaotic and doing any of the above will welcome that heavy energy into your life. An eclipse is time to rid any negative energy and chill out.

“Focus on what you can control within yourself and look inside for your truest purpose. Wait till the next full moon to charge your crystals and manifest your deepest desires.”

Credit: Alamy
Credit: Alamy

Janelle said it’s important to focus on the energy you already have during the partial eclipse and don’t ‘let the negative energy bring you down, look further to find out the true meaning of those negative emotions’.

There you have it, folks. Keep that charger at home.

People in Sydney will be able to start watching it from 7:34pm, with the peak to happen at 8:02pm and it will finish around 11:03pm.

In Melbourne, it starts at 8:09pm, will peak at 8:12pm and finish the same time as Sydney.

Brisbane viewers can expect it to start at 6:14pm, see the peak of it at 7:02pm and it will finish at 10:03pm.

Adelaide will be a little later at 7:59pm, then the maximum will clock in at 8:11pm and then it will finish at 10:33pm.

Sadly for those in Perth, they won’t be able to see it until 6:57pm, with the peak coming three minutes later and then it will finish at 8:03pm.

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