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Gratitude Journal Prompts By Zodiac Sign — Brit + Co


Thanksgiving is next week, and believe it or not, 2022 is just around the corner. Thanksgiving is classically all about gratitude, but there’s a good reason why the end of November is such a great time to take stock of what we’re thankful for in our lives: It’s the beginning of the end of the current year, a time when we can pause to take inventory of what we’ve accomplished and why we’re lucky. So this year, make gratitude a theme not just next weekend, but all December long. Here are 12 gratitude journal prompts, one for each Sun sign, for reflecting on the past year and noticing the gifts that have come your way.


Make a list of all you’ve accomplished so far in 2021. Make note of the highs you celebrated, as well as the lows you learned from. Write down why you’re grateful for each of these accomplishments, and how they’ve helped you improve.


Write about the last time you pampered yourself, whether it was a delicious meal or a luxurious bath. What did it feel like to indulge in self-care? What aspects of that experience are you grateful for?


Make a list of everyone in your life, from your closest friends to your frenemies to the barista at Starbucks who sells you coffee each day. Take a moment to list what you appreciate about the conversations you have with each of them. Is it their witty banter you enjoy? The political theories they share? Or their caring choices of words?


Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and tune into your body. How does it feel, in this very moment? What parts of your body are you grateful for? Write down what you appreciate about your body, just as it is.


Take a moment to think about your favorite method of expressing yourself. Do you like to sing? To write? To share selfies? Whatever your medium is, write down the last four or five times you’ve gotten to participate in this activity. Then write about why you’re grateful for the opportunity to express yourself. Be sure to include who (if anyone) helped make it possible, from the musical artist you were singing along to, to the best friend who offered a sympathetic ear.


Write down why you’re grateful for your job. Even if it’s just that it pays the bills, it’s still an amazing asset to be grateful for. Be creative about what you define as “job” too – your passion project that doesn’t pay the bills yet is still work!


Make a list of the people in your life who’ve shown up for you recently. Take note of how they’ve gone out of their way to love and support you, and why you’re grateful for their support.


Write down something you’ve read, listened to, or studied in the last couple of months. What did you learn about, and how did it affect you on a deeper level? Write down your thoughts about having gone deep on something and transformed a little bit in the process.


Make a list of all the places you’ve traveled to this year. Include local trips, like discovering new restaurants and taking your dog to a park you’d never visited before! Take a moment to be grateful for all the things you’ve seen and learned over the last year.


Pause to reflect for a moment on who you were at the start of 2021. What has changed? Have you grown in your career? Moved to a new apartment? Got a houseplant and watched it grow? List out the ways you’ve grown in the past year, pausing after each one to be grateful for the accomplishment.


Take a few minutes to write down your values. Think deeply about what’s important to you as you do this. Then, write down all the ways you’ve embodied your values recently, taking a moment to be grateful for the progress you’ve made.


Close your eyes and notice your emotional state. Are you feeling sad? Happy? Nostalgic? Melancholy? Write a few paragraphs about how you’re feeling, then take a moment to read them back to yourself. Notice and reflect on what a gift your feelings are, and write down why you’re grateful for your emotions.

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