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Why Brock & Scheana Are A Good Zodiac Match


Vanderpump Rules’ Scheana Shay is astrologically compatible with Brock Davies, as both of their Sun signs crave fun and thrive in the spotlight.

Brock Davies and Scheana Shay’s Vanderpump Rules love story is destiny, based on their compatible zodiac signs. Scheana and Brock are now engaged and share a daughter named Summer Moon Davies. The couple’s natal charts embody their free-spirited, idealistic, and fun-loving energy. Brock and Scheana share planets in Leo, so they have a mutual passion for being in the spotlight.

While Scheana’s romance seems perfect on her YouTube vlog and social media, the Vanderpump Rules cast has had some doubts. Brock did bond with Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval but has been slow to win over Lala Kent. Lala has a lot of questions about his lack of contact with his kids in Australia. While Brock worries he’s been too much of an open book, Scheana has pushed back, reinforcing that she knows Brock’s good heart. A closer look at their natal charts shows why the couple gets along so well, despite some obstacles.


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Scheana Shay was born on May 7, 1985, in West Covina, California. She is a Taurus Sun, with a Sagittarius Moon and Leo rising. Since she has an obsession with her birthday and attention, it’s no surprise that Scheana’s ascendant sign is Leo. Leo also makes her quite idealistic and stubborn. Lala has noticed this, and said on the show, “this is a pattern for Scheana. She ignores every sign.” Despite criticism and drama, Scheana and Brock are solid. See “Beauty and the Beast” below, via Scheana’s Instagram:

While Scheana believes in integrity, power and influence can also turn her head. Her Taurus Sun grounds Scheana with a need for comfort, while also making her very patient and cautious. Her Sagittarius Moon reinforces her cheerful optimism and high expectations. Scheana’s Venus in Aries placement checks out, as Scheana is the constant pursuer in her relationships. In earlier romances, she had trouble letting her partner take the lead. On VPR, Scheana said, “my track record doesn’t help my current situation.”

Brock Davies was born on June 16, 1991, in Huntsville, Alabama. However, he grew up in New Zealand and lived in Australia. Brock is a Gemini Sun with a Leo Moon and Virgo rising. Brock’s Venus is in Leo. As a Virgo rising native, Brock is soft-spoken on the surface, but also practical and likable. His Gemini Sun may lead Brock to overshare some eye-opening surprises. His natal chart shows that he is a jack of all trades, who’s equally dedicated to a host of ventures. Brock has worked as a professional athlete in numerous sports, and he managed a gym pre-pandemic. Now, he runs an at-home exercise company.

His Leo Moon seems to match his confidence and luscious mane, which calls to mind Jason Momoa. His Leo energy pairs nicely with Scheana’s, as both need reassurance, as well as a platform where they can shine. Brock’s Leo Venus might clash a little with Scheana’s need for control, but as long as he is full of pride and respect for his partner, all should be well.

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Ultimately, the couple’s idealism and love of a good time unite them, along with their prideful Leo sides. Brock and Scheana’s relationship timeline shows the ups and downs. Overall, Scheana’s Venus in Aries seems to create a little tension as she is the roost’s self-designated ruler. If she can learn to give in a little, and Brock can pitch in and avoid stubbornness, the couple will likely last through Vanderpump Rules season 10.

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Vanderpump Rules airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

Source: Scheana Shay/Instagram

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