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Which Jessica Jones Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?


Marvel’s Jessica Jones landed on the streaming giant, Netflix, back in 2015. The superhero noir series earned considerable praise from audiences and critics alike. Each character, regardless of moral alignment, has individual quirks and traits that make them uniquely relatable. Those traits perfectly align with the characteristics of each astrological sign. Here’s a list of each central Jessica Jones character and their corresponding zodiac.

Jessica Jones – Pisces

Pisces are prone to escapism – whether that be substances or daydreaming – and not facing situations as they are. Jessica Jones is a long-time alcoholic who represses her emotions and ignores her problems instead of tackling them head-on. However, Pisces are incredibly empathetic and generous. Out of all the Jessica Jones characters, Jones is the most empathetic (making her deserving of this zodiac), even if it might not be glaringly obvious under that hard-bitten exterior.

Additionally, a Pisces’ imagination makes them highly creative, as well as being friendly, sensitive, kind, and caring. Jessica Jones may not seem kind-hearted from a first impression, but the heroic side of her encourages goodwill and makes her secretly more compassionate, and absolutely the zodiac of Pisces.

Kevin “Kilgrave” Thompson – Capricorn

Capricorns are hard-working, determined, motivated, practical, reliable, and ambitious. Regardless of how long it takes them to achieve a goal, they will do it. Kilgrave is relentless in his pursuit for Jones’ love and approval. He will stop at nothing to make her “his” – even at the expense of others.

Furthermore, Capricorns may place an importance on career, social status or money, and have a strong work ethic. Kilgrave prioritizes his social status, especially in terms of power and influence. He wants complete and total control over all things – people included. Capricorns are capable leaders and loyal team players but may be prone to stubbornness. While the concept of loyalty need not apply to a mind-controller who gets whatever he wants, Kilgrave is a natural-born leader.

Trish Walker – Virgo

Virgos are highly concerned with the critical, detail-orientated perfectionism aspects of life. They are practical, grounded, and sensible – as well as flexible and open to change. Trish Walker makes a lot of changes, especially to her career, her moral standpoint and her associates. Virgos believe that they always know best because most times – they do. Jessica can be impulsive and driven by emotions, whereas Trish is more analytical and tactical.

For Virgos, their keen eye and judgement never miss a thing. In their meticulousness, they may become singleminded or overly judgemental but this is always in a quest to help others. When Trish believes that Alisa should be punished for her crimes, she puts her relationship with Jessica on the line. However, she does so with only good intentions.

Malcolm Ducasse – Aquarius

Aquarians are free-thinkers who dance to the rhythm of their own drums. They are forward-thinkers, innovators and deeply concerned with the collective. When Kilgrave strikes Hell’s Kitchen, Malcolm poses the idea of creating a support group, which he comes to manage. He believes in sharing experiences to ease the misery caused by trauma.

Undoubtedly, Malcolm is the most unique of all the Jessica Jones characters. He sits comfortably on the fringe of society, initially content with being an outcast during his junkie days. Aquarians are intellectual, offbeat individuals who cherish their independence. They may be a bit removed at times and out of touch with their emotions. Malcolm can react unnaturally to a stressful environment and often endanger himself unintentionally.

Jeri Hogarth – Taurus

Taurus loves to indulge in earthly pleasures. Being a sensualist, Taureans enjoy all the finer things life has to offer- good food and drink, quality fabrics and objects, and luxurious experiences. Starting from a cramped trailer home, Jeri Hogarth built her empire from nothing. Her riches enable her to buy expensive dinners, decor and clothing. She wallows in the fruits of her labour without shame or guilt, knowing that she burned some bridges to get there.

Astute business people, Taureans are hard-working and determined but may be overly fixated in their way of doing things. Jeri is the most pragmatic of all the Jessica Jones characters; as a lawyer, she finds rational solutions to her problems. This mindset makes her extremely stubborn, as she often forcibly overrules all other opinions and needs.

Luke Cage – Libra

Libra is very concerned with its relationship to others. Luke Cage fixates on his deceased wife, Reva, to the point where his emotions become the fuel for anger and hurt. Many Jessica Jones characters can be sensible and practical, but Luke takes the cake for positivity and drive, easily making him the zodiac of Libra. His Pops, whom Luke dearly respects, quoted a motto that has stuck with him ever since. “Never backward, always forward. Always.”

Ever the diplomat, Libra loves to bridge the gap between people and is keen not to offend, take sides, or make an extreme decision. Even when Cage discovers that Jones killed Reva, he spares her from revenge and reconsiders his actions despite intense resentment. Additionally, Libras have a strong sense of fairness and justice, and are are eager mediators. Luke Cage is the resident preacher for fairness and equality, making him an avid believer in righteousness.

Will Simpson – Gemini

Able to adapt to a number of people and situations, Geminis are enthusiastic, flexible and easily influenceable. As a former cop, Will Simpson lives and breathes enthusiasm; he sets a positive example for those that look up to his law-abiding position. Geminis are an intelligent sign. They are constantly thinking about what they’re going to say next and analyzing everything – coming up with new ideas and showing an eagerness to share them.

Police officers are known to be light on their feet and forward-thinkers. Simpson will improvise and adapt to any given circumstance, making him a crucial asset for a live-or-death scenario. With his zesty personality, Simpson is somewhat of an entertainer but can be flaky and indecisive.

Hope Shlottman – Sagittarius

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As natural optimists, Sagittarius loves to explore far and wide. Hope Shlottman has high hopes of becoming an athlete, which includes travelling to many different countries to participate in competitions. Sagittarians are always well-intentioned and their generally positive, infectious good vibes earns them plenty of favours.

In addition to spreading positivity, Sagittarius are spontaneous lovers of freedom and love to converse with a wide array of people. When Hope is wrongly imprisoned, she passionately campaigns for her release and remains “hope”ful, even when the odds are stacked against her. Kilgrave saps some of her spirit, but she firmly believes in her innocence so strongly that she even sacrifices herself to obtain some form of freedom.

Alisa Jones – Aries

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Aries knows exactly what it needs and when, and is not afraid to demand it. When Alisa fears that Karl and Jessica’s lives are in danger, she never waits for permission to act. Aries are brave and fearless leaders – certain in what they want and deserve – and courageously standing tall in their opinions. Alisa knows that she has committed atrocities, but still feels that she deserves a love story and a happy ending with her daughter, Jessica.

Moreover, Aries is concerned with the Self. Not in a selfish way, but in a way that is unafraid to take up space. They are direct, passionate, and headstrong. If Alisa feels threatened in any way, she will activate her survival instincts for the sake of perseverance.

Claire Temple – Cancer

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With a strong sense of family and taking care of those they love. They have a warm, healing touch, caring deeply about others and desiring to show their love. Claire is a prime example of how “taking care” of others has its practical approach. As a Hell’s Kitchen nurse, she is always on call and determined to help those in need.

Originating from Marvel’s Daredevil, Claire Temple is undoubtedly the kindest soul of all the Jessica Jones characters. Cancers are loyal, protective, and intuitive but may become too much creatures of comfort stuck in their routines. Working as a nurse is a physically and mentally demanding and repetitive job, but Claire persists. She is a maternal figure, appreciative of fine cuisine and ancestry.

Dorothy Walker – Leo

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Leos are the stars of the show and the lovers of the limelight. Dorothy Walker is a competitive attention-seeker. She pushes her daughter, Trish, to be the best of the best – even at the expense of her physical wellbeing. As a talent agent, Dorothy has an eye for great performers, but her drive and passion makes her self-centred and insensitive at times.

For a Leo, their main ruse to gain adoration is to spread joy and charm, entertaining others and bringing happiness all round. They are confident, extravagant (in gestures and money), loyal, and ambitious. Dorothy Walker is the most overbearing Jessica Jones character, doing whatever it takes to impress. Whether it be flaunting her wealth or pimping out her talk-show host offspring, everyone who meets Dorothy is instantly charmed by her.

Gregory Salinger – Scorpio

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Scorpios are the deepest, most mysterious signs of the zodiac. They are intense and magnetic, not afraid to plunge to their own depths and those of others. Gregory Salinger is fearless in the face of adversity. He does not shy away from the darker sides of his life and is an expert in transformation. When accused of murder and kidnapping, Salinger always manages to cover his tracks.

Adhering to their mysterious side, Scorpios have a keen sense of perception but may keep themselves hidden, prone to secrecy. They are determined, ambitious, and obsessive. Salinger is an introvert, cherishing his collections and his awards. He is untrustworthy and relies on no one but himself. Once Salinger has a goal in mind, he will obsessive over it until the job is done. His intelligence and perception enable him to stay multiple steps ahead of his enemies.

Which Jessica Jones character and zodiac are you? Let me know!

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